List of 4 Chrome extensions for social bookmarking

I was never a big fan of social bookmarking before I became a blogger. I just failed to realize the importance of it. This is because before becoming a blogger I was only interested in finding things which I needed on the the internet rather than learning new things from the internet. Social Bookmarking websites like Digg, Stumble, Delicious and Google Bookmark are my favorite when it comes to bookmarking websites and sharing them with friend and colleagues.

#1. Digg’s Chrome Extension

I like using Digg for just browsing and finding interesting things on the net within a broad niche. Digg has a nice extension for Chrome which allows the user to simple Digg a post and also look up the Digg counter. It can be used to submit pages to Digg. πŸ™‚

If you are at a webpage you like you can also submit it with your Digg credentials. From a personal point of view I do not use Digg to actually save bookmarks which I want to refer to at a later time. I use Digg to explore the web randomly.

Download Digg Chrome extension

#2. Stumble Upon Chrome Extension

Stumble Upon is very similar to Digg except that it does allow a much easier way to add stumble to any page you might like compared to Digg. I confess that I do not use Digg as much as I use Stumble simply because it is really easy to just sit and come across new and interesting websites. Just like Digg I use Stumble to really surf and look up fun stuff randomly.

The StumbleUpon extension allowed me to Stumble any page which basically add the Stumble tool bar at the top of the page I was on when I clicked on the extension.

Download StumbleUpon Chrome extension.

#3. Delicious Chrome Extension

Delicious Bookmarks are my favourite. I really do not use this as a bookmark facility. Unlike Stumble and Digg I use Delicious to look up what my friends and colleagues find useful. So Delicious for me is a way to get back to some webpages or sites I really liked. With Chrome’s extension for Delcious I could add any page to my Delicious account.

One note about this extension is that it is in beta but it has never given me trouble.

Download Delicious Chrome extension.

#4. Google Bookmarks on Chrome

Google Bookmarks is relatively unknown compared to delicious but it also allow bookmarking websites online. I use this sometimes to save up interesting Google related links. This is not actually a extension but a bookmarklet. Just visit the Google Bookmarks add a bookmark page and drag and drop the bookmarklet on your Chrome browsers bookmarks section. When you like a page and want to add it to Google Bookmarks just click on the bookmarklet and add the details you want with the page as shown in image below.

These are few of the popular Bookmarking websites and the four here are my favorites. I have started using Chrome browser a lot recently and hence find these Bookmark extensions very useful.

Do try them out or even suggest any new ones that you think you might like to share with our readers. Do drop in your comments and views. πŸ™‚


jaganmangat August 8, 2010

coola mr aditya…….. chrome is on to beat mozilla firefox…….

jaganmangat August 8, 2010

hey guys as devilsworkshop regular i want to say something,that you guys do less posts these days because of which devilsworkshop is loosing alexa ranking and visitors,what’s the reason??

Aditya Kane August 10, 2010

Thanks for the concern Jagan but we are spending more time on quality recently and also working on some new and interesting project. You will find out about it in a few days. πŸ˜€
By the way we at rtBlogs do not give much credence to Alexa rankings.

jaganmangat August 10, 2010

cool man…….,now i am just hoping of something new from rtcamp……good luck for what you are doing.

Smart Entry August 11, 2010

Aditya this is really cool mate πŸ™‚ .I am a Chrome lover πŸ˜‰ I am gonna try all these things πŸ˜‰