Yahoo launches ‘Search Browser’ Axis which is actually a browser add-on!

Yahoo has launched Axis which is it calls a new search browser. I was a little surprised on why Yahoo was launching a new browser, as I would imagine its best talent would be employed in improving search and other services. Well Yahoo Axis is not exactly a browser but a set of browser extensions […]

[] Bookmark Tool for Online Images You Like

Most people who have their favourite sites and love to surf around online, are aware of bookmarks on a browser. Web services like Delicious, took bookmarking ahead by allowing people to bookmark links and save them online. Online bookmarking get better because of its social nature. People can look up what others bookmark, which end […]

Google wants your Delicious Bookmarks! [Online Tool]

A couple of months ago Yahoo slipped up and news came out that Delicious was to close down. Then came the denial and Yahoo declared, that it was only going to sell Delicious and not shut it down. Confusion reigned and most people who love delicious bookmarks (yours truly included) must be cursing the day […]

Google Bookmarks – An Alternative to Delicious

Do you still manage your Bookmarks on your local browser? What if your installed browser suddenly gets corrupt and you have no backup for your bookmarks? Even in another case, if you use two browsers constantly at a time, how many times would you need to synchronize between them. Think ahead of all this and start storing your bookmarks directly under your Google Account ID.

List of 4 Chrome extensions for social bookmarking

I was never a big fan of social bookmarking before I became a blogger. I just failed to realize the importance of it. This is because before becoming a blogger I was only interested in finding things which I needed on the the internet rather than learning new things from the internet. Social Bookmarking websites […]

Use Bookmarklet and Firefox addon for URL shortener

I recently wrote about a how to use Google’s URL shortener service without any toolbars or extensions. To that post Matthew Flaschen commented about a couple of tools he has developed. They are a Firefox Addon and a bookmarklet to use I quite liked them and hence here is the review. Firefox Addon […]

Chrome 4 beta released with bookmarks synchronization

Over a month ago Google released a stable version of Chrome 3 which signaled that it was more confident about it’s browser’s ability to compete with others. A day ago it released Chrome 4 as a beta version and the big difference it claims in its blog is that its performance as a browser has improved over 30%. […]