Live Video Chat on Facebook?

image1If we were to go by the rumors, then it’s possible that you might soon see Facebook releasing a new Video Chat feature for its users. Although the news (spotted by allFacebook) is not a confirmed one yet, still, the notification messages visible in Facebook’s code indicate a possibility. The notification messages include: “Waiting for your friend”, “Video call denied.”, “Incoming call”, and “Loading video call”.

With a video chat service, Facebook will definitely keep its users on the site for longer. Facebook is aiming to be the single place for all online communication – messaging, photo sharing, online status updates and instant messaging… now maybe even video chatting.

I think it’ll be a pretty good move and a logical next step, if Facebook does actually come up with a feature like that. Earlier this week Facebook also upgraded their messaging system to make the most of friend list filters.

They seem to be upto someting. Let’s just wait and watch.


ken karnack May 17, 2009

How kool will that be? everyone will be connected.

wow I can’t wait.

Swati May 17, 2009

@ken karnack,
Yeah, it’s gonna be totally awesome.

Randy J Bradley May 17, 2009

Very interesting. I would use chat all the time on Facebook. Bring it on!
I love facebook and all they offer. Some people get bent when FB changes things, but I read the book “Who moved my cheese” a log time ago and I have found that with each change it has benefited me and what I am doing with FB.
Thank you for posting this.

Swati May 17, 2009

I loved the book “who moved my cheese”.
I sometimes feel I can be slow to change, but this time I am quite eagerly waiting for FB’s video chat feature. 🙂

Deepesh Sodhi May 17, 2009

I agree with you…. they definitely seem to be making Facebook the one stop destination for all our communication needs!


Swati May 17, 2009

@Deepesh Sodhi,
Yeah… although I think we should wait till they really come up with the feature.
A lot of people i know are pretty pepped up about it already 🙂

Yoz March 8, 2010

In fact, there is already working facebook video chat on