Blogger allows creating pages: Will it stem the migration to WordPress?

A lot of bloggers using Blogspot will now heave a sign of relief as now they have the option of creating pages just like the way you can create pages while using WordPress.

One of the main reasons for a lot of people to use WordPress has been the option of creating static pages. This allows the professional touch to a WordPress blog with static pages for About Us, Contact and Terms of Services. Blogger has many 3rd party methods to create pages on a blogspot blog but none from Blogger itself.


How to create a pages on Blogger?

  • This feature is not yet available on your blogspot url. You need to sign into its draft version. Just like Google has Labs page for showcasing and testing new features and applications, Blogspot has draft. You can sign into draft by clicking here.
  • Now that I logged into my draft blogger account, all I needed was to go to my blog’s dashboard and visit the Posting section and I saw a new tab named ‘Edit Pages‘.


  • I could create pages and also add them to either blog sidebar or to blog tabs under the header. Just create a page and you will be prompted automatically to select with the pages widget.


Blogger trying stop the migration?

I still think that Blogger is something that people love using for its simplicity. The sheer number of features do make WordPress a little daunting for someone starting out as a blogger. But most times when a bloggers has a decent following starts to look to migrate to a WordPress hosted blog. Even the founder of DW, Rahul Bansal first started writing on a Blogger but then moved to WordPress. He even wrote a post on how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress.

WordPress has the ability to create pages which does make a first choice for many developers as it is not just blog oriented. Blogger with the option of creating pages will obviously make it better for blogspot fans to stay on and not migrate.

What do you think? Will Blogger give WordPress competition in the future?


Sajitha January 23, 2010

I’m a pro blogspot fan. I never think to migrate to WordPress. From my experience, I could say ‘Blogger’ is very easy to customizable and we can redesigned for our personal Interest.

Aditya Kane January 23, 2010

I now you are a blogger fan and I am sure it will save your blog a lot of trouble with this new feature of adding pages.

Muhammad Jamshed January 24, 2010

This will be very good for google to prevent users migrating from blogger to wordpress.

sauravjit January 24, 2010

Not applicable for custom domains….

jaganmangat May 15, 2010

just use,in the postings column,u get an edit pages menu,that is available for bloggers with custom domain too.

Akshay Kakkar January 24, 2010

What is the if else statements to be used for formatting the pages(new feature) on my blogspot blog?

& @Sauravjit it is available for custom domains. just switch to blogger draft. i m using it.

sauravjit January 26, 2010

Blogger draft?

Akshay kakkar January 26, 2010

@Sauravjit switch to then cick on edit posts & then on the navbar click edit pages. You r done. and it can be done on custom domain too . i m using it…

Johnson January 26, 2010

@ Aditya Kane

Please update how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress link in the post, i think its not working properly…

Aditya Kane January 26, 2010

Thanks @Johnson from bringing it to my notice. It has been fixed. 🙂

sauravjit January 27, 2010

Thanks Akshay it’s working 🙂

Cebu Tech Blogger March 5, 2010

I can always tweak blogger. And I’ve been also a fan of it. The only thing I hate blogger is the coding errors. Though it doesn’t have much play on SEO, Blogger is still a great platform to use.

Anil Gupta March 19, 2010

I think since Blogger has added new page creation and blog template designer facility, I think there will be very few people who actually would love to migrate from blogger to wordpress.

R.J. March 29, 2010

Has anybody ever figured out a hack to increase the amount of static pages(above ten) you can publish? If so, is it against their rules or not?

Rajeel April 3, 2010

Oh man, The page facility really sucks, i don’t think it create any attraction for blogger

ѕяιηιναѕ June 6, 2010

Pages are not the only factor fro people moving to WordPress its the plugins and SEO + Flexibility. Reg blogspot and blogger may be most peoples favourite