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zomobo_logoIn this age of information, there are literally a million things happening around us. RSS readers and search engines usually do a good job of keeping people informed. Sometimes you just want to catch up some real-time buzz.

For example I wanted to look up recent results on Google Plus, Zomobo gave me all the latest trending links on YouTube, Twitter and even Wikipedia articles.

Zomobo Features

  • Just enter the query into the search box and get results nicely arranged. This is a great way to learn what is latest about a topic along with actually learning about it.
  • It shows relevant links to Facebook pages and Twitter accounts along with a few public documents and links.
  • Other categories where information is arranged is Blogs, News and related images.

I think this web service, would be a very useful service to learn about something new on the web. I think it is like a enhanced version of Wikipedia.

Do try out Zomobo and drop in your comments.

Link: Zomobo

Stickr: Sticky notes for the internet

We all are aware of sticky notes. They were usually the yellow small trails of paper we would stick on our desks and workplaces. Then it’s use increased with them being used on books as small notes and even to do lists being stuck on refrigerators. So it was no surprise that when we spend half our time on the computer sticky notes applications were quite a hit.

But what about the internet? Today I spend more time online visiting various websites and often bookmark certain pages which I like. With Stickr you can leave sticky notes all over the internet.

About Stickr Notes

  • You can start using this service by signing in with your Facebook, Google, Twitter or Friendfeed account.
  • I could start leaving notes online with my Google account to various pages I visited. This is not like a bookmark but basically leaving a small note. You can choose for the note to be saved as private or public.
  • Public notes are visible to anyone visiting the page and being signed in with Stickr. I personally like using private notes so that I can follow up or some article I have read online or even have my personal to-do list whenever I visit a particular website. 😉
  • Stickr allows your to download extensions and add-ons depending on the browser you use.

This is very similar to Google’s Sidewiki which allows someone to leave a comment to any webpage. But I prefer Stickr for is private feature of using sticky notes. Do try it out and let me know your views through your comments.

(via Techgyo)

5 Great services to create your own wikis

Wikipedia has changed the way information is dispersed on the internet. The idea of having everyone in the world adding to a online encyclopedia which covered everything caught up fast and today Wikipedia has an article on almost everything and anyone.

But Wikis are very important even when it comes to small projects or companies. Many projects now a days have Wikis onlines so if a new member joins up, they can pick up things very quickly.

Here are 5 websites which will help you create your own wikis for free.

#1. Wiki Spaces

  • Wikispaces Basic version allows you to create Wikis with unlimited pages with unlimited users.
  • Allows standard features like a WYSIWYG editor and also media embedding.
  • Allows you to create RSS feeds and also have discussion areas.

#2. dooWikis

  • Doo Wikis is a website which allows you to create free online wikis which are public. This is great for public communities.
  • Doo Wikis also allows protection of the public wiki by creating a password for people to update the Wikis.

#3. Zoho Wiki

  • Zoho Wikis allows creating 2 wikis for free with unlimited users and unlimited updates.
  • It allows creating RSS and Atom feeds along with storage space of 50 MB.

#4. Intodit

  • Intodit is a great way to create wikis and invite friends and collaborators through their Email ids.
  • It also allows you to create new pages with a WYSIWYG editor which supports embedding.
  • You can read a complete review of intodit on Devils’ Workshop.

#5. Alex Knowledge Base

  • Alex Knowledge Base is not exactly a wiki but can be created on your own computer to notate and create articles which you want to refer to.
  • This is very handy for developers and people joining new project as it is not as widely editable like wikis but quite comprehensive.
  • Read more about Alex Knowledge Base.

That completes the list of 5 websites or services with which you can create your own Wikis. These are all free to create and most are perfect to use for personal projects or small teams.

Do drop in your comments to let me know what you think about creating your own wikis and share with us any other services you know about.

Look up entire Wikipedia on Google Maps

I hardly have met anyone who uses the internet but does not use Wikipedia. Even school kids are now a days wiki something they learn at school. There is one thing we do get in Wikipedia and that is a huge number of locations. From names of countries to small villages are all used while writing article on Wikipedia. There is website which has started a great experiment and that is mix Wikipedia article with Google Maps. The end result is you can literally look up the entire Wikipedia on Google Maps.


As you can see in the image above I decided to wiki Adsense. Wikipedia article shows up to the left of the page with relevant locations being shown to the right side which is actually a Google Map. I clicked on the tag it shows text from the wiki article itself. The text shown with Google maps is also highlighted in the Wikipedia article.

This is an excellent way to mix two services which are often used for research by people. One of my favorite searches on The Full Wiki is searching for famous personalities like Columbus, Alexander or Napoleon who obviously traveled a lot and all of it is usually available on Wikipedia articles. It is quite a great way to pass time reading up these articles with the aid of Google Maps showing exactly where incidents happened.

Below is a video demo of The Full Wiki

Know of any better ways to use this service? Do drop in your comments. 😉

Link: The Full Wiki

Create free Wiki online with Intodit

Yesterday I came across a online tool called Intodit to create a Wiki on just about anything. This is quite useful to create documentation or have a group working on a project to create a reference guide for some day in the future.

It can also be used for non-professional needs like creating a wiki for a city or even on a hobby. Wiki is a great way to learn as you can also involve other people with similar interests to add to the wiki and make it more comprehensive.


Intodit Features

  • First I needed to register and create an account. Then I needed to select ‘Create a wiki’.
  • I could create multiple wikis on the same account with Intodit.
  • I could also invite my friends to use and edit the wiki with their email ids.
  • Once I started creating new pages and editing them, the dashboard was quite easy to use and had many options.
  • It does support different fonts, allows inserting images and also has support for adding widgets which are video, music and chat related. (see image below)

Dashboard while editing a page with Intodit Wiki


This seems like a ideal tool for people who have expertise on something, want to create a wiki and collaborate with others having with similar interests.

Sidewiki takes the bookmarks way into Chrome

I wrote about Sidewiki on DW a month ago when Google made it available on their toolbar and ever since it has opened a pandora’s box on the debate weather people should be allowed to comment on your page while visiting it. Initially Sidewiki was made only available with Google Toolbar which was only available with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, but now Sidewiki is available with Chrome.


How to get Sidewiki?

  • Earlier with was only through the Google Toolbar, but now its through something Google calls as Bookmarklet. Once at the page, you can simple drag and drop the Sidewiki bookmarklet into the browsers bookmarks for Sidewiki to be available.
  • To access bookmarks in Chrome Browser press Ctrl + B.
  • Now visit any website and click on the Sidewiki bookmark and it pops up a page on the side for you to read and write comments.

Sidewiki for Webmasters

If you own a website then Sidewiki allows you to comment on your own website. This entry shows up with a green background and is remains alway on top of all other comments. For writing your comments you need to Add and verify your website with Google Webmaster Tools. Once you are done with it, log in with Google account on sidewiki while on your website homepage and write a Webmaster’s comment. 🙂

Link: Sidewiki Bookmarklet

Sidewiki: Leave a comment about any website


Google has now come up with the service called SideWiki which literally allows someone using their Google account to leave a comment and look up comments for any website they visit.

I am not sure how web-site developers will feel about this as most web developers take it for granted they can control or filter the comments made when people visit their websites.


Whats cool about SideWiki?

  • Google Sidewiki will be a part of Google Chrome directly instead of a toolbar in the future. Users with the old Google’s old toolbar for Firefox and IE will get the option to upgrade so they can avail of Sidewiki.
  • Users will be able to share the comment using Email, Twitter and Facebook. 🙂
  • The comments can be ranked Useful or not and this is the way Google is planning to weed out the spam that very popular websites will attract. The highest ranked comments will stay on the website. The lowest ranked will be at the bottom and probably out of sight. 🙂

Link: Google SideWiki

Get your Home’s Exact Geographic Co-Ordinate

Now you can get Latitude and Longitude of any place on this Earth by using Wikimapia, which is an online map and satellite imaging resource that combines Google Map to view whole Earth without any need of Installing any Software. Its very easy to get any position’s Exact Latitude and Longitude using Wikimapia, and its Fun trying it out. Here is Explaination how it works out:-

  • To find your Exact Position, Open Wikimapia (It does not require any login).
  • Now Search for the Location whose Cordinates you require.
    Like here in Example I’ve Searced for India Gate
  • Now check the URL of Place you are looking for. It’ll be very easy to point out Longitude and Laitude. The URL (in address bar) will look something like as below-
  • Here lat=28.6131627 means that Latitude is 28° 36′ 47.3868″ and Longitude is 77° 13′ 50.9658″.
    You can know convert Degree (in points) to Degree Minute and Sec by using this tool.

To get co-ordinates of your home just search the nearest popular place and see if you can find your homes co-ordinate.Enjoy!

Link :- WikiMapia
Also Read :- Locate your Friends with Google Latitude

Integarte Google Maps & Wikimapia for better planning of your trip!

I have been using Google Maps and Wikimapia from quite long time! Till yesterday if it comes to plan a trip I was getting confused between Google Maps and Wikimapia as both have some features that are unique to them!

What I was missing most is millions of placemarks (places annotated on maps by users) which covers almost everything exist on planet Earth!

But today while reading Googles Lat Long Blog I found a cool MappletsWikimapia Layer which can be used to add wikimapia information layer over Google Maps!


Following two screenshots are enough to highlight difference between information you can see with and without Wikimapia Layer Mapplet!

This is screenshot of a location before adding Wikimapia Data (click on image for fullscreen view)

Google Map without Wikimapia Data

This is same location but with added data (click on image for fullscreen view)

Google Map with Wikimapia Data


Click here to add Wikimapia Layer to your Google Maps account! You may need to login to your Google Maps account if you are not already logged in.
Enable Disable Mapplets on Google Maps#To Enable/Disable…

Look at screenshot on right hand side >>>

If you are on search tab switch to Maps tab first!

Now every Mapplet have one check box associated with as you can see in highlighted area!

Just checking the highlighted box will Enable this mapplet! Similarly if you get feeling that wikimapias huge data is cluttering your Google Maps you can uncheck the same highlighted checkbox to disable this feature!

#Need More Mapplets…

Click here to check out some popular mapplets and here for new mapplets!

What??? Want to develope your own? Developer Tools are here! 🙂