Magazinify – Convert your Bookmarks into a PDF Magazine instantly

I found Magazinify when I was wondering how to read nice articles I found while working. It was usual that due to lack of time, I could not read any articles entirely and had to close the windows to continue my work.

Magazinify is a small Internet-based application available for browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox (those are the two I tested for) and works like a relaxation when you don’t really have time but you still want to read those nice articles. What all you need to do is to press the small Magazinify button placed on your URL bar automatically (you can even place a button to your Toolbar) and it’s done.

DW Magazinify2

The first time you click on the Magazinify button, it asks for your Facebook Login (the only one it supports as of now, Facebook is everywhere! ). Later it won’t be asking you for any kind of Login and clicking the button would just record the page link to be sent to you later.

DW Magazinify1

How it Works

When you click on the Magazinify button, the opened page is scheduled for PDF conversion automatically and is sent as a PDF to your registered email address (the Facebook Email Address by default) and any Advertisements are removed while PDF creation. You can even chose whether you would like the digest to be sent to you daily, weekly or even monthly.

As per my experience, after clicking on the Magazinify button, I received a customized PDF magazine the next day itself. I will post the preview of the magazine very soon. Until then try magazinify for yourself. 🙂

LINK: Magazinify

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