Convert Web Pages to PDF and Send to Google Drive

PDF have survived the the post-PC world. As a matter of fact, I think we will read a lot more PDFs because there will a lot more tablets being sold. Most websites do not publish content that really needs to be saved as a PDF file, but it might be necessary if you want to save a tutorial or a long 5000 word article.

As I accessing my files on different computers I tend to use Google Drive. Here is a handy Chrome extension I came across that converts a HTML page into PDF and saves it to your Google Drive.

HTML to PDF Save Google Drive

How it works:

  • Download and install the “Send to Google Docs” extension on your Chrome browser. The extension will show up a new icon next to the Chrome omnibar (address bar).
  • Now while looking up a website, just click on the icon.
  • The HTML page is converted into a PDF document. It opens a preview within Google Drive.

Some Negatives:

You have to be logged into your Google Account for this extension to work. Ofcourse that means we are not sharing our Google ID and passwords with a 3rd party, so it is not exactly a but drawback.

The files are stored by default in the root directory of Google Drive. Unfortunately it does not have the option of choosing a default folder to send the PDF to.

Also if you like PDF files and search for them try out these 5 tips for searching PDFs online.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Send to Google Docs (Chrome)


[Software] Open Any Type of File with Free Opener

clearFreeOpenerFree Opener is a Freeware tool which can open most of the files, to be specific it supports 70+ different file formats. It’s extremely useful for me, as I’m an download junkie and my downloads folder gets clogged up with files of different formats.

Certainly I don’t like to download all the software which are used to view the respective files.

With Free Opener, I don’t need to download any other extra software to open rare file formats. The software’s idea is very innovative and it just does what it promises! Let’s take a view at its features.

free opener

Free Opener’s Features

  1. Supports 70+ different file formats including some rare formats like .vcf, .srt, .sql and more!
  2. Also opens Bit Torrent files (.torrent) and shows the files that can be downloaded through it.
  3. Free Opener can only open files, it cannot edit them*.
  4. You can print .pdf files and can also print preview them.

*It can extract compressed file formats like .rar, .zip, .7z etc

It does not support E-book formats like .epub which is disappointing. I’m sure that you cannot use this as a default file viewer but this software is a must have.

Drop in your opinions after trying this tool!

Link: Download Free Opener


Free Online Tool to Convert PDF files to JPG Image

PDF files are good when you want to look up an article or even a chart. I have a few interesting pdf files with helpful and informative diagrams. Sometimes I want to covert these PDF files into an image format.

I found pdf2jpg a useful online tool which converts a PDF file into JPG image file.


PDF2JPG Features

  • Just upload your PDF file and click convert to get image files.
  • Sometimes as JPG images can take some time if the PDF file is large. In this case there is the option of leaving a email alert which sends an email when the conversion is complete.
  • Unfortunately the only drawback was that it can only manage pdf files which upto the size of 10 MB. This usually should not be a problem in most cases but PDFs with images usually are quite large-sized files.

This is a great tool to manage PDF files along with some others that allow converting a URL to PDF and also convert PDF files to Doc, HTML and Txt format with free online tools.

Also if you are looking to search for PDF files online, then these 5 search tools will be quite helpful.

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Magazinify – Convert your Bookmarks into a PDF Magazine instantly

I found Magazinify when I was wondering how to read nice articles I found while working. It was usual that due to lack of time, I could not read any articles entirely and had to close the windows to continue my work.

Magazinify is a small Internet-based application available for browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox (those are the two I tested for) and works like a relaxation when you don’t really have time but you still want to read those nice articles. What all you need to do is to press the small Magazinify button placed on your URL bar automatically (you can even place a button to your Toolbar) and it’s done.

DW Magazinify2

The first time you click on the Magazinify button, it asks for your Facebook Login (the only one it supports as of now, Facebook is everywhere! ). Later it won’t be asking you for any kind of Login and clicking the button would just record the page link to be sent to you later.

DW Magazinify1

How it Works

When you click on the Magazinify button, the opened page is scheduled for PDF conversion automatically and is sent as a PDF to your registered email address (the Facebook Email Address by default) and any Advertisements are removed while PDF creation. You can even chose whether you would like the digest to be sent to you daily, weekly or even monthly.

As per my experience, after clicking on the Magazinify button, I received a customized PDF magazine the next day itself. I will post the preview of the magazine very soon. Until then try magazinify for yourself. 🙂

LINK: Magazinify


Download and Save Flickr album as PDF file

Sometimes I like to save some images I have online into PDF format files. There is an online tool named as ‘RSS 2 PDF‘ which creates PDF files of images online. The best part of it is that I can in a matter of seconds create PDF file of a public album I have on Flickr.

How ‘RSS 2 PDF‘ works?

  • Go to where you can find the tool.
  • Enter your Flickr username, Flickr User Email Address or your Flickr ID and click on the option as Search/Make PDF.
  • It asks you to open or save the PDF, do as you wish. And you can see the images with their links. 🙂

Basic requirements :

  1. Flickr account.
  2. The album should be set to public, that is it can be seen by all.
  3. You should know any of these flickr username, flickr user email address or flickr id.

Originally the image was:

And then I copied it as PDF:

I figured out that the image lost its quality when saved in a PDF but that is expected as PDF is not really a format to quality images.

Do you know of similar tools? Do share them through your comments.



Save PDF Documents Directly in to Google Docs

Do you use Google docs ? What will do you if you want to preview a PDF file using Google docs viewer ? All these days to save it in Google docs, you need to download the PDF file to your hard drive and then Sign in Google docs to upload it and save it.

Well now you don’t need to do all such big circle, you can directly save the PDF files using “Save in Google Docs” button to store into your account.

Suppose, If you receive Email and you find inside a PDF file, you can preview and directly store into your Google Docs.

I find it very practical and nice feature. Got something to say ? what’s your opinion about this new feature ?


How To Save PDF Files Directly into Google Docs ?

  • As I said before, If you get any PDF files in email, just click the view option and automatically, Gmail will open the PDF file in Google Docs.

  • Once the file is opened in Google docs, you can see the option of ” Save in Google docs ” Click that and save it directly into your Google docs account.

You might also like to read 5 great ways to search for PDF documents online.

Do let us know your views and PDF documents being stored directly on Google Docs through your comments.


5 great ways to search for PDF documents online

Ruchi wrote a nice post a few days ago detailing 10 websites to download free E-books. It got me think and looking up other ways to search for PDF files online. E-books are fine but there are also many online forms, documents, pamphlets all in PDF format which someone might be interested in look up.

Here are some tips and websites to search for PDF files online.

#1. Search for PDF files with Google Search

  • You can search for PDF files using Google. It searches the web for files with extension being PDF rather than links.
  • For example when you want to search for PDF files regarding CSS just type in “CSS filetype:pdf” without the quotes into the search bar.
  • This will make Google pull up relevant PDF files on CSS. 😉

#2. Search for PDF files with Bing

  • What works with Google also works with Bing search engine.
  • To have Bing search for only PDF files need to write the keyword first and then file type has to be defined.
  • I searched for PDF files on CSS with this query “CSS Filetype:pdf” without the quotes.

#3. PDF Search Engine

  • PDF Search Engine is a website which has been covered before on DW.
  • It allowed me to search for only PDF files online. No fancy filetypes had to be defined as this website only searches for files which are in PDF format. 🙂

#4. Search PDF Geni

  • Search PDF also looks up a decent list of PDF files with any keyword. It is pretty similar to PDF search Engine.
  • The only downside is that it supports multiple languages and sometimes with keywords like “CSS” it can give you results which are not necessarily in your language.

#5. Search PDF files on Yahoo Search

  • Just like we can search for only PDF files with Google and Bing, I could also search for PDF files with Yahoo Search.
  • With Yahoo the example to use for the query is “CSS originurlextension:pdf” without the quotes.

Do try out these tips for searching PDF files, documents and manuals online. Drop in your comments with any more alternatives and tips you might be using or finding useful.


Free PDF Converter: Convert your Word and Excel files to PDF

Working with files is always tedious and it is a little disconcerting to not be able to convert your Word Documents or Excel sheets into PDF format. Obviously most people love PDF documents when it comes to reading data rather than handling it.

Free PDF convert is one such service which allows your to convert different types of files into PDF format.

About Free PDF Converter

  • This website is quite handy as it support many file types. I can convert PPT, JPEG, Excel sheets, Lotus Sheets and Word Documents into PDF files. It supports 68 files formats to date.
  • It also has a reverse file converter where you can convert PDF file into an Excel file. 🙂
  • While looking up services online I always feel happy about websites where I do not have to register or sign-up and this web service needs no sign-up either.

I like this site for its versatility regarding the types of File Formats it can handle. If you liked this serivice you might like to read up on how to convert PDF files to Word Doc, HTML and Txt format. Also there is a similar service from Comet Docs for converting Excel and Word files to PDF.

Do let me know your view by dropping in your comments. 🙂

Note: Thanks to John71 for the tip.


Convert any URL to PDF

Sometimes you just like a pdf file of something you read on the internet. This is really needed when you read a tutorial or a online manual. One thing you want, would be a PDF document to read or even store. I reviewed Flexamail recently which allows you to from your email create a pdf document of a web page and fetch it as a PDF document. That service can only be used for a PDF document of 15MB as it has to be email friendly.


One of the main features of this is it allows any page to be converted into PDF. I checked with creating PDF of large size and it does work quite well so I guess size of the PDF to be generated will not be a issue.

I think the most exciting part of this service is that you can add this into your website or blog with a simple code being inserted in the web-page. I tried to see if there is a widget which can put up this code to create the PDF of the page automatically; but I did not come across any. I guess at the moment if you want visitors to download your webpage you have to manually enter this HTML code.


<a href="">downlaod this page as pdf</a>

You can even directly link an customized image to

This will allow a visitor to click on the image or link on your page and the page is converted to PDF. 😉

For people addicted to PDF there is also a bookmarket which is offered by the website and all you need to do is drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks in the browser and when you are at a page you want to convert to PDF just click on the bookmarklet.

Do check out PDF my URL and try it out. Do drop in your comments on what you think about this service.


Get Free PDF Password Remover

PDF files are very useful and at times very frustration. Sometimes work pdf files have passwords to protect them but it is not always a good idea. A password is sometimes quite a problem when people using a pdf document are working collaboratively.

Thanks to details provided by a DW follower Owen Lee, I got to know that a software which removes password from protected PDF documents can be downloaded and used for free. This is part of a giveaway by Any PDF Tools.


About PDF Password Remover

  • This is not a hack tool, you can remove password restrictions applied by the author only if you know the original password.
  • Just download the tool and install it. Open a .pdf file with a password and remove the restrictions.
  • This allows the user to copy, edit and even print the document without the restrictions.
  • It is a stand alone application which does not require Adobe reader or Acrobat on your computer.
  • Best feature is Batch Decryption which allows the decryption of 200 Acrobat files at once.

So if you want to download the PDF Password Remover go ahead and download it. Do download it fast as it is being made available for free only until 24th Februdary 2010.

Link: PDF Password Remover