[Software] Open Any Type of File with Free Opener

Free Opener is a Freeware tool which can open most of the files, to be specific it supports 70+ different file formats. It’s extremely useful for me, as I’m an download junkie and my downloads folder gets clogged up with files of different formats. Certainly I don’t like to download all the software which are […]

Free Online Tool to Convert PDF files to JPG Image

PDF files are good when you want to look up an article or even a chart. I have a few interesting pdf files with helpful and informative diagrams. Sometimes I want to covert these PDF files into an image format. I found pdf2jpg a useful online tool which converts a PDF file into JPG image […]

Magazinify – Convert your Bookmarks into a PDF Magazine instantly

I found Magazinify when I was wondering how to read nice articles I found while working. It was usual that lack of time, I could not read any articles entirely and had to close the windows in order to continue my work. Magazinify is a small Internet-based application available for browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox (those are the two I tested for) and works like a relaxation when you don’t really have time but you still want to read those nice articles.

5 great ways to search for PDF documents online

Ruchi wrote a nice post a few days ago detailing 10 websites to download free E-books. It got me think and looking up other ways to search for PDF files online. E-books are fine but there are also many online forms, documents, pamphlets all in PDF format which someone might be interested in look up. […]

Free PDF Converter: Convert your Word and Excel files to PDF

Working with files is always tedious and it is a little disconcerting to not be able to convert your Word Documents or Excel sheets into PDF format. Obviously most people love PDF documents when it comes to reading data rather than handling it. Free PDF convert is one such service which allows your to convert […]