Make Facebook simple with Facebook’s official toolbar

facebook-logoIf you are using Facebook a lot, just like me  ;) then this toolbar is a must for you as its impossible to be online all the time while browsing. Unlike Facebook, this toolbar is user friendly and easy to use. You get a separate button for each of the important feature you use on Facebook. Below is a quick list of the buttons included in this toolbar.

(click to enlarge the screen shot below)

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  1. Facebook Friends Sidebar: This is just like your homepage of Facebook, which shows the status updates of all your friends.
  2. Search Facebook: This is the search engine of Facebook. You can start typing your friend’s name and it will find it automatically. Use it in a new window, as it will show the search results in the current window.
  3. Quick Links: These are the links you use most on Facebook like Profile, Inbox, Friends, Photos, Videos, Events, Groups…
  4. Homepage: Redirects you to your Facebook homepage.
  5. Pokes: Informs you about your new pokes.
  6. Events: Your new event invitations.
  7. Groups: Your new group invitations.
  8. Share: Any content from any website and anywhere on the web can be shared on Facebook using this button. Install the toolbar and give it a try right now on Devils workshop. 😉
  9. Photos: Easiest  way of uploading photos on Facebook. Use this button and just drag and drop photos.
  10. Status: This can be used to set your status messages without opening Facebook on your browser.

You will be notified once your status is changed. Check this kind of notifications of your friends, which can be seen on the bottom right hand side of your browser.


To download the toolbar, just follow this official link.


This toolbar is official toolbar from Facebook and is meant for Firefox only.You may download Firefox here.



Aditya Kane September 2, 2009

Hi, useful toolbar.Ive started using it straight away after reading your post. 😉