Manage Yahoo Mail and other services in Google Chrome

There is good news for all Yahoo fans that use Yahoo mail and other Yahoo services like news, weather etc. I came across a great extension for Google Chrome, Yahoo Mail Widget for Google Chrome, which allows you to manage Yahoo services in Google Chrome, without opening them in different tabs and checking what’s new.


  1. Once installed, you will see a small Yahoo icon next to your address bar.


  1. Click on it and it will ask you for your yahoo username and password.


  1. After you sign in, it will take you to your Yahoo Mail Inbox.


  1. You can perform all the actions which were present in Yahoo Mail like delete, mark as read/unread etc.


  1. You can even compose messages and send emails as well.


  1. Other than that, you can also use Yahoo weather service as well. Just type in the location and it will give you complete forecast and weather details of the current day.


  1. Check the daily Yahoo News to see what’s happening in the world.


  1. You can even login to Yahoo Messenger and talk to your friends while browsing and without opening Yahoo Messenger.


  1. Another exciting feature that comes with this extension is Amazon. You can see the latest deals and products available on Amazon as well.


  1. Last but not least, you can open this extension in a new window by clicking on the pop out button at the bottom left corner.


This is an excellent extension which I will recommend to all those who use Yahoo Services. There are some services missing but I hope the developer will add them in the next update.


One Comment

Netchunks April 3, 2010

Wow, this is a pretty nice extension for Chrome. I was needing this. I really hate logging in into Yahoomail again and again