Google Buzz never on beta. Is it a bit too much?

We all know Google Buzz came out like a chat message. Like we are having a chat with Google. It said, “New! Google Buzz in Gmail; Sweet! Check out Buzz” (Screenshot; Credit: TechCrunch). As far as I am concerned, I came to know about Buzz like that only.

Buzz in Gmail

We know Gmail was in beta for over 5 years. When Buzz launched inside Gmail, someone might have noticed, it was never in beta. But why? A service which was in beta for over 5 years, and a new service which is never in beta. Don’t you think Buzz would be having loopholes? Buzz allows you to connect with many sites, including twitter, YouTube, Picasa, etc and also could post those connected sites’ data inside Buzz. If Buzz has loopholes, would it be safe giving out data?

Purpose behind Buzz

Buzz claims to be “a new way to share updates, photos, videos and more”, but why use it when there are sited dedicated for them (I mean twitter, facebook, youtube, picasa, etc). After using Buzz for more than a month, I have figured out it as just a platform for nothing. It is always great to use different sites for different purposes. Buzz simply slows down Gmail. How will Buzz work without twitter? Whatever I post on twitter appears at Buzz, but whatever I post on Buzz does not appear on twitter. With many people having disabled Buzz, it wouldn’t be nice to use Buzz alone.

I have seen many posts for disabling Buzz, but don’t remember seeing even one stating the use of it. If I compare it with twitter, I believe nobody has enough time to manage both. Twitter is wide, but Buzz is isolated inside Gmail. When I tried to disable Buzz, it scared me of deleting my Google Profile. So, I didn’t (rather couldn’t) disable Buzz. Who would want to lose a profile which was online since Gmail only to get rid of Buzz?

Well, my point is it was fine for Google to acquire Twitter, rather than coming up with Buzz.

I would prefer simply turning off Buzz, rather than using it. What about you? Do share your views on Google Buzz.