mChek on Airtel – Mobile Based Payment System in India [m-commerce]

Update: We are unable to help you with your technical queries regarding mCheck. Please contact their official support: [email protected]. Thanks Pralhad. 🙂

mChek on AirtelmChek is a new payment system that link your debit/credit card or SBI bank account to your mobile phone, allowing you to make payments from your mobile phone. Once registered you can pay your phone bills, transfer talktime to your friends accounts, book tickets for flights, movies etc from mobile via simple instructions.

They have tie-up with Airtel which allows Airtel subscribers to download mChek application which provides simple graphic interface to use mChek. There are no charges for downloading as well as using mChek as of now. I tested it and its working really nice.

Download instructions:

  • SMS AIRTEL to 543219
  • You will get a reply containing a link to download mChek.
  • Don’t worry about downloading charges. Its free!

Links: mChekFAQ | AirtelDemo

(Tip by: Dr. Rahul Talale)


Biswajit mohanty July 31, 2008

Dear sir,
i am unable to get any information about kind send me information regarding mchek.

With regards
Biswajit mohanty

Rahul Bansal August 1, 2008

Have you gone through above post?
mChek might be down when you tried.
Let us know in details what steps you have followed

Sooraj August 17, 2008

mcheck with sbi account not working



varun ganjir August 18, 2008

mchek is not working in my mobile. my set is totaly compatible for gprs & also java supported. my set name is motorola L-7. is their any risk when i use debit card or sbi debit card.

varun ganjir August 18, 2008

is their any extra charges for each tranjection.

Rahul Bansal August 19, 2008

Sooraj & Varun
I guess mChek is down from few days.
Better keep checking their site.
And there is no extra charge for any transactions as of now

Jason September 9, 2008

mcheck maybe violating a patent on USSD based communication. Check this out,US Patent 6330445 – Method and system for routing of a USSD message

we wanted to use the same thing for our implementation but stayed away fromit.

Rahul Bansal September 11, 2008

I am not much aware about inside information regarding mChek.
I only now its not working well enough recently.
May be they are going through some sort of problem.

Jerome September 22, 2008

I just gave my bank Debit Card Number. May i know how to recharge the Pre-Paid airtel number. do they take any transaction fee???


Deepak September 22, 2008

@ Jerome:

No there is no transaction fees charged by Airtel. Infact there was an offer in my circle (Orissa) wherein by recharging using you mChek a/c of Rs. 155 you’ll get balance in the main a/c of Rs. 255. 🙂 Isn’t it kuel?

Well if you have downloaded mChek application than you have to follow the procedure from the application, else you can send an sms: “RECHARGE ” to 543219 and you’ll be directed to enter your pin and you are done 🙂

masrook September 28, 2008

can some one tell me how can i delete my mcheck account on my airtel connection. plz leave an answer in my mail account

Deepak September 28, 2008

@ Masrook:

Even I am wondering how to do so 🙂

Vivek October 1, 2008

I got mcheck installed on my mobile some two months back & I was trying to get my debit card linked to that. But everytime, when I do that, it is accepting the request & says I will get a notification when the service is available …. I think mcheck is down at the moment.. Guys do confirm me if you faced a similar prob ..

Deepak Jain October 2, 2008

@Vivek – I am using mChek in Orissa and its working fine right from the day the service was available.. Check out whether the service is available for your state or not..

huda October 23, 2008

i got mchek installed on my mobile …… but i m not able to use it ……………. can anyone help in doing that….

Padma November 4, 2008

Dear sir,
How to make postpaid bill for airtel through mchek, that too using debit card.

Vivek November 8, 2008

@huda – @huda … mchek isn’t working at all … waste of speaking about this … i have been trying hard for months with no success .. even i called customer care which is of no use

Vivek November 10, 2008

@Deepak Jain – If that’s the case, why should it work for certain cities only .. not for all the cities… No where its mentioned or informed that if applies to certain cities.. Sorry not interested with this stuff & waste my time any more

mahmood November 11, 2008


Deepak Jain November 12, 2008

I said you, either write a complain to Nodal officer or visit nearest ARC.

James December 9, 2008

i recently registered with mcheck.
while adding an account:
Firstly, it is not accepting the 1st six digits of my Debit card number (while registering the debit card).
Second, while directly registering the account an automated reply comes on the screen stating ‘This service is unavailable. We will inform you when it is available with SBI’.
Isn’t the facility available with SBI as of now?

Rahul Bansal December 20, 2008

I guess mChek is having some problem as many other user also complained.
I personally stop using it from long time.

jyotish kumar December 20, 2008

mchek is not working

Deepak Jain December 21, 2008

Its working fine for me..
Which state are you from? Have you already added your credit card info in mChek account?

ujjwal ghosh January 9, 2009

i want to transfer cradit card mony for any devid/cradit card.

hemen balar January 10, 2009

i had deletel mcheck from my i want to reinstall do i do this?

akshay February 17, 2012

how did u delete mcheck

Vibhor January 10, 2009

I have been using mchek for quite some time now.I have changed my phone and i am on htcp4350.For the past 3 days i am trying to download mchek on my new phone.I have even spoken on your helpline but nobody is coming up with any solution to my problem.I hope after writing this note I would get a solution very soon.

jyotish kumar January 14, 2009

mere mobile per mchek service activate hai lekin kam nhi karta hai kai bar phone kiya koi sollution nhi nikla

ferose January 16, 2009

i used my friendz credit card in my mChek.Now I’m trying to set his credit card account in his own mobiles mchek,after deleting it frm my own,but it every time shows me invalid account details.Plez help me in this regard. Thanks

Deepak Jain January 17, 2009

@ ferose
You should contact Airtel Customer care in this regards..

Pralhad January 25, 2009

Hi all,

Please address all queries related to mchek at [email protected]

Rahul Bansal January 26, 2009

@ Pralhad
Thanks for your input buddy.
I hope people will contact mCheck directly now. 🙂

Mithun February 22, 2009

ItS SiMpLy SuPrEbbbbbb………..

Sandeep April 21, 2009

Mcheck rocks. Simple process for credit card.It works fine .I have tried.No charges as of now dono about future

Harsh Agrawal April 22, 2009

One of the best thing I like about mcheck, is most of the time I get lots of discount coupons 🙂

priya April 25, 2009

Hi Sir,

When use the Debit card, its not supporting the KVB or IOB..

Rahul Bansal May 8, 2009

What is KVB and IOB???

srinath May 3, 2009

sir, i am told after instalations we will get money i dint get any money..

Rahul Bansal May 8, 2009

Where did I say you will get money by installing mChek???

Darshan May 26, 2009

I have tried it
but i didnt get a pure link to download .jar file
it just gives
please send me full URl to directly download it……..

ankesh June 4, 2009

mChek only supports credit cards….
it wont accept your debit card no. so stop trying.
its written on their website….

Deepak Rana June 22, 2009

Hi, Why MCheck is not working with SBI Debit Card number.

tubli June 27, 2009

direct link for download mchek

nazim shamsi July 12, 2009

sir, i have lost mchek file in my mobile how can i restore?

Deepak Jain July 14, 2009

Call up customer care and put up a request for mChek sim menu restoration.

ashhar July 15, 2009

i am not able to add my sbi debit card accnt on mcheck..pls hlp..

satish kumar August 14, 2009

i am trying to create an account with sbi link account but it is not working promt comes-it is unavialable at present with sbi we will inform u when it will avialable with sbi.

bhanu August 29, 2009

I just gave my bank Debit Card Number. May i know how to recharge the Pre-Paid airtel number. do they take any transaction fee. how can i get the way to recharge the prepaid airtel no throgh airtel Is this procedure possible without gprs activated on my mobile?

Prakash September 18, 2009

Mcheck doesnt accept the SBI ATM Debit card no.

Farooq Ahmad Mir October 14, 2009

I’m yet unable to acess this service through my HDFC bank visa Debit card.

Girish October 29, 2009

i had deletel mcheck login id from my i want to reinstall do i do this

OMPRAKASH JOSHI November 2, 2009



k n chandrashekar November 22, 2009

I’m unable to acess this service through my HDFC bank visa credit card.My card is upgraded recently and also my card number is changed.

Vivek November 23, 2009

Hurray!!!! I was able to get my mchek working a month ago … Application is really nice & I was able to recharge & do other activities just in 3 clicks … Wonderful application …. Great….

pinaki December 5, 2009

I have a sbi bank account…but it is not working with mchek
plz give me solution as quick as possible…

Shashank December 14, 2009

Sbi cards never work with airtel mcheck. supported banks are HDFC, ICICI and CORP only.

pralhad December 17, 2009

Please visit for more info on mchek.

mChek is a mobile payment solution which securely links your credit or debit card to your mobile number and helps make payments from your mobile.

As of now mChek supports debit cards only for ICICI, Standard Chartered and HDFC Banks. Please contact respective bank Customer care to apply for mChek debit cards.

I will update you as and when new Banks come on board mChek to enable mChek debit cards to consumers.

Any queries request you to send an email [email protected]

Pralhad December 17, 2009

Also, would request everyone to mention their mobile numbers while posting queries here. I will ensure someone from mChek support addresses your queries.

Prabhu March 15, 2010

yesterday(14.03.10) i got mCheck installed on my mobile.But i am not able to use it.Pls advise anyone.

Prasant March 30, 2010

I’m from orissa . Somebody tell me mcheck works with which bank in orissa. I am trying axis bank but it didn’t working. Plz help me. . . . .

Prasant March 30, 2010

As per customer care in orissa, only SBI and ICICI works with mcheck. And plz contact with customer care of ur (the above )bank for activate mcheck in ur account.

Rajasekhar June 27, 2010

Hello sir this is rajasekhar can i open with punjab national bank ATM card?and how do i leave from mcheck

nitu July 11, 2010

dear sir/mam
i m unable to recharge my phone as i had to discontinue my cardit i want to register myself with new card but i am not able to do that.kindly help me

Dilip August 19, 2010

Topping up my prepaid Airtel with MChek I get the message that you have already used your monthly limit of Rs 750, please try next month!! I haven’t set any such limit either on my mChek account or my credit card, and there is no provision on mChek account management to increase the limit. On mChek’s website, I can’t find any customer service phone numbers and their “Contact Us” page is the most uninformative of all websites I have seen. Very strange company!

Priyasish August 24, 2010

Hallo Sir. I m 4m orissa. I ve dwnlded mchek into my cell. Wen i m going to enter my 1st 6 digits of my SBI Debit card it is not accessing. Infact i enter d accurate nos. Plz mail me d solution as earlier as possible with +ve answrs thanking u sir.

Hafis December 17, 2010

I’ve tried it, and its working fine for me.

BIPIN July 8, 2011

Mchek service is unable to installed in my nokia 5233 .
please help me , what i will be do?

dhaval August 20, 2011

sir i m a retailor from a village of gujrat and before recharging i want to check the balance and schemes activated in the customer’s phone through my phone…so how can i chack it?????

Ankur kumar September 1, 2011

i am unable to get any information about kind send me information regarding mchek.

TEJU September 16, 2011

Hey this is Teju. Actually i used Mcheck in my another airtel number. But that sim card is broken. Mcheck is activated in tat number. So now i cant activate my credit card in my new airtel number. so please help me to deactivate my hdfc credit card from tat number.

thank you………

r g sharma September 19, 2011

not support at samsung fit

Laltu October 11, 2011

I want Mcheck deatels

roshna January 2, 2012

i have mcheck application،،bt i didnt recharge my prepaid،so i want to otp send me my mail address fast

somesh May 4, 2012

Should i have internet connection (after installation of mChek) to use mChek?
I mean when i do transaction.

Vivek May 5, 2012

Ofcourse, all applications need Internet connection… mCheck too…

sudhir Tiwary September 22, 2012

dear sir,
i want this facility also but i don’t know process how does it? so i want please tell me process about mchek on airtel. thank you


kalpathi viswanathan sivaramakrishnan March 9, 2013

iwant to kmow my mchek number for airtel fathers name is k.s. viswanathan