Me, myself and my Blog on Facebook


If you are a blogger and a have a facebook account the one question you might be stuck with is; What should you do with your Facebook profile? When I joined rtBlogs as an Editor I thought that maybe I should have two facebook accounts. One personal and the other for bloggers who might want to connect.

I started adding bloggers who I thought I might want to connect with on Facebook and let me say I was a bit disappointed. In most cases I a blogger’s facebook profile seemed to not really differ much from the Facebook page of his blog. It was disappointing and I decided to not go in for creating a separate Facebook profile for my blogging activities. With new privacy options I guess I don’t really have to worry about the privacy angle either.

Why avoid a blog related Facebook profile?

If someone reading my blog takes the pains to find me on Facebook and add me should I disappoint him/her with a stream of links and feeds to my blog? If I added someone on Facebook the last thing I want is a RSS feed or a Twitter feed. I think I should be myself let the reader know the real me.

An argument against this could be if someone follows your blog on technology what does he care for about your favorite videos of a rock-band you out up on Facebook. My counter-point is why would that person add me on Facebook? He could just be a fan of the blog page on Facebook.

What works on Twitter might not work in Facebook

What might work on Twitter where people can have followers in the thousands might not work on Facebook. For instance if I post a link to my blog to 2000 followers chances are about 3 to 5percent of them will actually visit. But Twitter is known as a medium to exchange links. Facebook is not all about sharing links or feeds. It has a little more personality than Twitter with applications, photos and your wall where you can share anything from videos to your random thoughts. So be yourself on Facebook; your readers would probably appreciate it a lot more.

I want to know what do you think about it? Do you think a blogger should stick with being professional on Facebook and keep putting out a feed of his blog to his Facebook friends or should the blogger get real. I guess it’s really a personal decision on how much you want your blog to be your identity and vice-versa.

If you agree with me add me as a friend on Facebook; if you don’t I guess you can be a fan of Facebooknol page. 😉

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