How to merge your old and new Facebook lists

The launch of new Facebook smart lists is a good feature in terms of privacy and making Facebook updates more relevant. But if you are using Facebook friends list from a long time and after the launch of these new smart lists you are dealing with so many lists then this post is for you. We will tell you how you can merge two lists together to make one.

Let’s tell you the use of merging two lists. Suppose that I was previously using a list ‘Hidden Content’ with all my private updates hidden to friends in that list. Now it’s very inconvenient to add each one of my friend from ‘Hidden Content’ list to the new restricted lists. So you can merge your older list into newer one with just few clicks.

How to merge two lists:

Open a Facebook friend list in which you want to merge another list. You can open a list from Facebook left sidebar on your homepage.

Once you open a list click on ‘Manage List’ on the top right side of page and select ‘Merge List’ from the drop down menu.

Now select the list you want to merge with this list. You can select a list from the lists given in the pop-up. After that click Merge Lists to merge both the lists into one. That’s it; your two lists now will be shown as one with all the friends in both the lists excluding duplicates.

Don’t forget to tell us whether you like the new smart lists feature or not?

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  1. Same problem as Steve and Vaibhav Dugar, the Merge feature is no longer there as shown by this article. Other options? Please help.

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