Listen to Bollywood Songs Free with Chrome App

I am a big fan of Hindi music, especially older songs. My usual choice to listen to some old Hindi songs is YouTube but it is inefficient as YouTube is mainly about videos and not exactly an audio directory.

Saavn is a neat website which streams Hindi film music and its free. You can create an account to register or simply install its App on your Chrome browser and sign up with your Google accounts.


  • Saavn App is available at Chrome Webstore. If you are visiting from India, it will show it up as a featured App to be installed. 🙂
  • It has a nice search feature and database which has thousands of songs to choose.
  • I could choose from latest music to features playlists. I could alternatively also choose to create my playlist from different songs I searched on the website.

I use Chrome and I liked the layout and user-interface for Chrome users more than the user-interface with other browsers.

If you like listening to Hindi films songs, do try out Saavn and drop in your comments.

Link: | Saavn Chrome App