Check How Secure Your Password is with Microsoft Tool

Passwords are an important part of our online life. They are the keys to our online homes and it is important to make sure we do not misplace them or allow them to fall into the hands of untrustworthy people.

I have different passwords for different services and often use LastPass to manage my passwords across different websites.

All these tools to save passwords can be handy only if your password is actually a good one and cannot be easily guessed. Microsoft has a nice online tool which shows if the password you are choosing is strong or weak.

Microsoft’s Password Checker

  • Just visit this link, and type in the password you want to test out.
  • It will indicate if the password you are using is weak or strong.


A good password is usually an alpha-numerical combination along with a mix of special characters. Ideally this will help create a password that cannot be easily broken or guessed.

Here is another online tool to check the strength of your passwords across different parameters.

Try out Microsoft’s Password Checker and drop in your comments. Share with us any more password tips you find useful.

Link: Microsoft’s Password Checker

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Rakshit February 25, 2012

Nice find Aditya. I think its same one that is used when someone sign-up for Windows Live Services.

Rajnish February 25, 2012

Really a nice tool, but the passwords when it shows the STRONG are really hard to remember and that’s why I would like to use some simple password.