Fix Facebook Chat by Showing Only Online Friends [Chrome]

Using Facebook’s chat feature on the browser can be frustrating. Facebook has not really made things easy by having a ticker showing up  along with the friends you can chat with at the sidebar. These were the changes Facebook ringed in a few months ago. Facebook also does not show only your online friends by also shows some offline ones.

This can be very irritating as ideally no one wants to look at friends who are offline in the chat sidebar anyways.

I found this Chrome Extension called Facebook Chat Fix very useful. Install the extension and log into your Facebook account. All your offline friends will stop showing up. It will also hide new ticker from the sidebar.

If you are not using the chat sidebar and want to switch off the ticker, it can be done officially from the settings as explained in this post.

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Do try out Facebook Chat Fix and drop in your comments.

Link: Facebook Chat Fix (Chrome)

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