Microsoft pays Nokia $1 Billion to keep it away from Android!

DW nokia_microsoft_3The world and even you know that Nokia is now with Microsoft, strange but true! What comes more amazingly is the unique deal Microsoft has signed with Nokia to keep competitors away. It may give the Mobile phone market an entire re-direction!


Now coming over to the deal gossip, what’s important here is that Microsoft just paid over US$ 1 billion to Nokia Corporation to bid a deal with them.

The company says it is just a part of the promotion and development fee it is paying to the latter. However it can be also considered as a cold cash paid to avoid Google’s bulge in the deal.


What does Nokia do in return?

What is Nokia going to do in return is something interesting, a fee for each copy of the Mobile OS it uses on its devices. Interesting, isn’t?


DW nokia_microsoft_2


Now what everyone is waiting for the kind of devices Nokia brings out in the market and whether it will be a true competitor to Google’s Android! Because after a billion dollars I am sure Nokia will be not tempted to go with Android for any of their smart phones.

LINK: Strategy Document of Nokia + Microsoft

2 replies on “Microsoft pays Nokia $1 Billion to keep it away from Android!”

  1. I wish if it wud have been with android as Nokia is my favorite mobile company but finally the news was with Windows and was disappointing for me as windows as mobile OS lolz I hate it the most

  2. Kidding or what…Android is no an finished/polished product…I still prefer Symbian on high-end mobiles! am egerly waiting for phones running ubuntu!!!!

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