Mark’s dog Beast, makes a famous Chinese blogger angry!

Chinese blogger and activist Michael Anti is angry about why he is considered less worthy of Mark’s dog. His account was cancelled by Facebook in January.

He says when he asked Facebook officials the reason for doing so they replied him in an email that it was against the Facebook policy. You need to use your real your identity, no pseudo names are allowed.

Anti argues that his professional identity as Michael Anti has been established for more than a decade, with published articles and essays. His real name is Zhao Jing. He was not using this name.


He said,


I’m really, really angry. I can’t function using my Chinese name. Today, I found out that Zuckerberg’s dog has a Facebook account. My journalistic work and academic work is more real than a dog.

He also said that it’s a part of Chinese tradition to use a pen name for journalists and writers so if he is being denied the right to have a Facebook page from that name it’s kind of threat to all Chinese people!

Whoa, a hell lot of news I must say! Please Mark listen to him and let him make a page of his own with the kind of name he chooses . 🙂 Else people wont like your Beast’s page, that may be a partiality.

What should Mark do here ? Share your views on this with me.

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2 replies on “Mark’s dog Beast, makes a famous Chinese blogger angry!”

  1. I support Michael because as far our concern Chinese names are very confused, so whats the big deal if he has an English name and using the same on FB? I really don’t like FB policies. Whether Mark’s beast web page really created by Mark or not it has to be deactivated. what if everyone having web page for their pets??? OMG… just imagine, or FB has to open a new web site for pets

    1. Some policies are really irritating, instead of focussing so much on the policies if they continue to make it more private or secure that will a great help!

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