Microsoft’s Windows 7 Leaked on the Internet!

Windows7 The much talked, Microsoft’s upcoming release of a new operating system – Windows 7, whose beta release was scheduled to be launched on January 2009 is reported to have been leaked on some very famous torrent sites that usually provide pirated contents.

As per an article in Information Week:

The beta version of the OS, reportedly Windows 7, build 7000, can be downloaded from several infamous torrent sites often used to share pirated content.

Microsoft isn’t planning to officially release beta copies of Windows 7 until its MSDN developers’ conference in January. A final version of the OS isn’t expected until late 2009 or early 2010.

So, if you are looking to download the pirated copy of Windows 7 too, I would personally request you not to do so as these are pirated copies and you may have to end up facing legal complicacies. Moreover Windows may officially release this on January 09. So why should we end up downloading pirated copies?


p align=”justify”>Source: InformationWeek


VJ December 31, 2008

pirated copies?

how can be a beta release be called a pirate version dude?

when technically companies want as many people to try these and report suggestions b4 rtm

Rahul Bansal January 3, 2009

Beta testing only means testing at user end.
It doesn’t mean company want entire world to test their beta product.
Here Microsoft don’t put beta version on their site for free download and use but then invite some MSDN developers to do that beta testing.
This fact makes leaked version “piracy” as you can test (or use) without being invited! 😉