Get SMS Alerts for Your Favorite RSS Feeds!

Using Google SMS Channels, Indians can convert RSS Feeds into SMS. But, this time we have something similar for our the US and Canadian readers. 🙂 In this post I am going to discuss on how to convert your favorite RSS Feeds into SMS so that you can read them on your mobile as and when they get updated.

web-alerts For the subscribers of US and Canada, it is possible using, that converts your favorite RSS Feeds into text messages and delivers them on your mobile. To start using this service, all you need is your US or Canada based mobile number and the feed URL that you want to subscribe to. For a list of supported operators click here. And the best thing in this service is that, for using this RSS-to-SMS service, you need not register or login to Web-alerts and also you do not have to incur any charges for using it, as this service is available absolutely free. 🙂


For Indian subscribers, as said earlier, you can use Google SMS Channels to convert your favorite RSS feeds into SMS alerts. All you have to do is, create an account in Google SMS Channels, click on the ‘Create Channel’ tab and create a SMS alert with some keyword assigned to it. As shown in the image below, while filling up the form, on the ‘Data Source’ field enter the RSS Feed URL of the feed that you want to get SMS alerts for.


After filling out all the details, just create the channel and you’ll be updated about all your favorite RSS Feeds via SMS on the go! This way, you can even check our tutorial to convert Emails into Feeds and get unlimited Email alerts for free. 😉 For your convenience, I’ll try to write a dedicated post on ‘Getting Emails Via SMS for free’ sometime in the future. 🙂

Links: Web-alerts | Google SMS Channels | Convert Emails into RSS Feeds

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simple than all methods above