Things you should keep in mind before updating your Facebook cover picture

Facebook cover pictures, a very nice and popular feature of Facebook Timeline Profiles, but this can also be one of the worst thing of your profile if you are not using it properly. Also while using your own picture as cover you should always keep the privacy thing in mind. Here are few tips and suggestions for you before you upload a cover picture.

  1. Cover pictures are the banner of your profile, it should be good as this is the first thing that a visitor is going to see on your profile. You can choose from thousands of beautifully designed and free cover pictures available online on different websites. Google it to visit such websites.
  2. The orientation of the picture should be landscape not portrait.
  3. The exact size of a Facebook cover picture is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall, try avoiding pictures smaller than this standard size else it will stretch your image.
  4. Make sure that nothing in the cover picture is hiding behind your profile picture, for example it’s not a good idea to hide one of your friends behind your profile picture in a group photo. You can try merging your cover and profile picture to avoid this situation.
  5. In case you are updating your own picture please keep in mind that these pictures are public and visible to 900 million other users of Facebook. Unfortunately it’s not possible to make cover pictures album private. If you still want to upload your own picture then it’s always a good idea to delete the older pictures in cover pictures album. You can upload them again anytime you want to.
  6. Even if you remove your current cover pic, this will not make the cover picture album hidden. People can still view your older cover pictures.
  7. Don’t upload same picture every time, to reuse a picture as your cover go to your timeline, rollover mouse to cover picture and click “Change Cover”. Then click “Choose from Photos…” from the drop down list. 
  8. Reposition the photo properly; the main subject of that picture should be visible on your profile. Avoid cutting body parts or faces as this will look bad.

These are some tips which will guide you to upload a cover pic that will look good keeping your safety in mind. Stay connected for more Facebook Tips.


Sri Harsha Chowdary August 26, 2012

Good post. Never knew there was so much stuff behind the cover pic.

jyothibasu September 1, 2012

hi…. gud post..
but may i know how to hide profile pic’s album…