Monday Morning Blues [21 Dec 09]

Today is another Monday morning and I just realized we have reached the last ten days of this year. We are still carrying out tests on the new DW redesign project. I can already see some of your suggestions being followed quite enthusiastically.

Monday 21 December

Subscribers are 7000 +

One very important thing I have to share with you as many of you visiting Devils Workshop might have noticed it that we have now crossed 7000 subscribers. This is quite satisfying personally as when I joined rtBlogs over three months ago we were around the 5000+ mark.

Top Posts

Finally I realized that next Monday would be the last one in this year. So with next Monday’s Top Posts I will include the posts you liked over the whole year. Let me know through your comments which were you favorite posts in the whole year and I will include the most popular ones on Top Posts list. Obviously the list would be much longer than 5. 😉

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ashutoshsonu December 21, 2009

plz help me !!!!

is ist possible to run a java(j2me) application on pc.

like opera mini .