Most popular Facebook application in September ’09

Well what actually makes Facebook world’s best social networking website is not just it’s privacy features but also some of the most interesting applications in it. Like the application we are gonna talk about in this post but it’s not a single application, rather it’s a couple of applications.

The applications which were most popular in the month of september are “Friend of the Day” and “Enemy of the Day”. Although “Fans Check” and “Tag your Friends” like applications were used a lot but people found that uninteresting.

In “Friend of the Day” application, the application selects random six friends from your profile and you can choose anyone from them and publish it on your walls well as on your friend’s homepage. Everything is same in another application “Enemy of the Day” except the name. You can select your “Enemy of the Day” from randomly selected people from your profile.

Just check out these wapplications and tell us what you think about them. 🙂

FRIEND OF THE DAY(click here)


ENEMY OF THE DAY(click here)