Learn HTML with the help of Mozilla Webmaker

Before I was a blogger, I was not exactly into HTML. I know a smattering of HTML and found W3Schools as a good resource for someone who is new to learning web designing.

Mozilla has launched Webmaker, which actually allows users to get regular tutorials and projects that will teach coding and designing for the web.

Why should one sign up with Mozilla Webmaker?

Mozilla first will users with some free tools to learn how to create webpages. Most of them should be compatible with Firefox browser.

Many practical projects at starter level will be made available. This actually makes a lot of sense for people teaching themselves HTML, CSS and more.

Mozilla wants everyone to be a coder!

It seems that Mozilla’s mission with webmaker is to make everyone into a programming geek. I think that is not possible but it will help people who want to learn something to atleast a decent level, so when they look at say a HTML code, they are not completely overwhelmed.

What do you think of Mozilla’s latest initiative? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Mozilla Webmaker

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Kishor Mhaskar June 5, 2012

It looks nice Aditya. Thanks for the tip.