My experience: Moving from Windows to MAC


Hey guys! I recently bought MAC mini, and in this article I would really like to share my experience with you in transfer from Windows to MAC. I personally used windows since the time that one use to feel ms paint is great. At that time I had never thought that  I will use MAC sometimes. I also tried Linux, but the joy and satisfaction MAC gave me, windows and Linux were nowhere.

It was an old MAC mini which gave me 10.3 installed in it, but no wonder I had an upgraded version which I immediately gave a run. It took about 35 to 40 min to complete the installation. Then I had 10.4 Tiger. Many people who own what some call “Series A” Mac Minis have complained about the Mini being slow when they upgraded to 10.4 Tiger, but for me it seemed faster than before. .After the initial sweep of the desktop I promptly loaded the Disk Utility and formatted my external HDD to HFS+ so I could store applications on it, instead of using the 40GB internal HDD. If I hadn’t read the external HDD’s formatting for Mac OS X user guide, I probably would have spent a while searching for how to format the HDD.

5 cool features of MAC

  • All the applications have a single shared tool bar. This was difficult for me to use. Reason being a long lasting use of windows.
  • MAC allows any one to surf and check their mails due to the feature of Guest Log-In Accounts.
  • Take advantage of Text Edit support for the Word 2007 and Open Document formats for reading and writing.
  • Save the configuration of all your open windows as a workspace. The location, window settings, and shell configurations of multiple windows can then be recalled instantly.
  • Get yourself a .Mac account and your System Preferences can stay in sync across all your Macs. No matter what Mac you use, you’ll feel right at home.

Some more features

  • Application installation: For the vast majority of applications this involves double clicking on a *.dmg file (Disk Image); Mac OS X mounts the image as a drive and then you just drag the Application to the Applications folder, or in my case onto my External HDD. Un-installing involved dragging the application from the Applications folder to the Trash can, I personally prefer this over the Windows way of installing and un-installing applications, but that may be personal preference.
  • Things I liked in MAC: Firstly a DVD Player. I understand that Microsoft can’t include a CSS decoder in Windows because all the DVD software producers like Cyber link, etc would claim unfair business practices because it was decreasing the number of possible customers for their products, kind of like what happened with WMP in the EU.

I don’t know why people say that windows are the best when they have so many options available. If I have an option between windows and Linux, I would surely go for Linux. Reason being open source and I will get lot of things to learn from it. I admit windows is a user friendly OS but people should also explore.

  • GUI transition, what are my thoughts on the GUI? well I like it, being brought up on Windows, KDE and such I personally would have preferred a start menu approach but that’s basically because that’s what I’m used to, but finding applications in Finder isn’t all that difficult to get used to. In terms of adapting to the GUI, I’ve begun to use keyboard shortcuts more and more, I personally thought the one buttoned mouse would be a hindrance to the OS overall usability but in fact it has little bearing on its usability in my opinion.

So far I haven’t really come across any media files or such that are un-usable, only media I can not access is Yahoo’s Video Launch service, but that’s due to it requiring Netscape 4.7 being installed when accessing using Mac OS X, which is a bit sad when you consider how old Netscape 4.7 is.

Overall I am enjoying MAC.

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[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger  Prateek Dixit, the owner of thetechnoclub.

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Rajat July 14, 2009

You’ve liked your MAC? That’s interesting… I was looking for some first hand reviews before actually switching to it. The feature of syncing System Preferences is really good… This is going to help me a lot.
To tell you the truth, I’ve been saving money for a MacPro 🙂

I have one question though. I own a licensed copy of Photoshop CS3, which is a Windows version. Can I exchange it for a Mac version? If you could find out and tell me, it will be very useful.

Deepak Jain July 15, 2009

Hope this page answers your query!

Amit Meena July 15, 2009

hey buddy,

welcome to the MAC world…….

just try some interesting apps like pathfinder,bowtie,ScreenFlow and many more like them……..

and i guess u forgot to mention the TIME MACHINE usage…….

the best restoration thing i have ever seen in computers……

so guud luck with ur MAC and try to update to Leopard coz it was far better than TIGER

check out my desktop and movie library on Leopard

Desktop :—-)>

Library :—-)>

prateek July 15, 2009

yes dude.. to frank i found MAC interesting than windows.. anytime..

Rajat July 15, 2009


It helps! Thank You!!

alok July 15, 2009

mac is Good isn’t cost efficient i bet you got that mini mac not below a hefty a tag of 30000 rs??

Dude you get good Pc under 20000Rs???

Nemesis July 15, 2009

And here comes one more anti-windows article!

prateekkk July 15, 2009

u are rite dude.. i jst wanted it i got it

prateek July 16, 2009

thanx amit for this..

Ankit April 29, 2013

Microsoft could never make Windows as user friendly as Apple has made Macintosh. I am not an Apple fanboy, but yes I love Mac. The only reason is it’s easy interface and great inbuilt apps. A Mac is ready to be used from the first boot, while Windows needs many things; for example drivers to match hardware, third party softwares to play documents (like Adobe reader for PDF).

I’ve too switched from Windows to Mac this month. You could read my experience at my blog

– Ankit