After Web-Browser Chrome, What’s Next from Google?

Whats next from Google?

(Image Credit: Shalom Issenberg)

Google has been supplying us with various utilities, softwares and other web-products which have made working with the Internet very easy. Recently, Google launched its own Web-Browser Google Chrome. It appears that there is Google’s monopoly over the Internet. Also, if we observe, most of the Google services are free to use. With all this, there is a major question which strikes my mind- “What will Google launch next?”

There is quite a lot of speculation that Google is working over development of an Operating System. Also, There are rumors that this Operating System will be Internet based. We have never come across an Internet operating system, so it is going to be a wonder working with. But we never know when will it be launched and also will it really be launched or no.

As Google is such an Internet giant it will surely bring mailing and Online Messaging facility to Mobile phones. Internet enabled phones are flooding the markets but the trap lies that customers need to pay an extra amount to get Internet enabled on the Phones(in the form of GPRS/EDGE/3G). It will be welcomed if Google will bring emailing service by SMS messages because there is no extra subscription cost to be paid to avail the SMS service. Mobile phones market is among the fastest growing market in world and I don’t think there is any fault in Google opting for this option.

Google is already ruling the Web-world. But the time is not far when Google will move its interest towards the offline world. Google wont take much of time to launch itself as an ISP (Internet Service Provider). This will cause a major transition of the world from OFFLINE to ONLINE.

I have expressed my wishes for Google, and I hope they will fulfill in the Future. I sincerely wish that there will not come the time when I will curse Google’s monopoly. Although Google’s current motto is “Don’t be Evil”, we cannot imagine what might happen if all the power gets accumulated at one end.

Do share with us your ideas about the future of Google… 🙂

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BlogsDNA September 11, 2008

“Google Moving Towards Dominance Over Our Life”, I personally feel its not good for us….

Rahul Bansal September 11, 2008

Yep… Even I started to feel Google is getting lil evil recently.

Movle J. Ridic September 12, 2008

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Devi Mahapatra September 14, 2008

The most awaiting product by google is its operating system for mobile phone called google android
[ ].
It is coming in a very short period of time.

Rahul Bansal September 18, 2008

Yep… First Android Handset will cost $199 and its from T-Mobile… 🙂

Ninad December 18, 2009

awesome dude ………

It seems your article is very innovative and full of creativity