New feature in Orkut: Reply by chat!

Keeping in mind the stiff competition in the field of social networking sites, it seems even the Orkut team is heading towards innovating new things.. Recently Orkut announced the launch of Adult content filters and now ‘Reply by chat’ option. Firstly this feature appeared on the photo album of a Orkut guide, mentioning as a bug. But later on it was discovered that the fact was completely vague, rather it was a new feature introduced šŸ™‚

reply by chat

On the screen shot above, you can clearly notice a new option ‘Reply by chat’, when clicked on it, the user is directed over to Gtalk window and a new conversation with the sender is automatically initiated. As far I’ve noticed this feature is available across the Orkut profile, from scrapbook to photo commenting, etc.

Also, do not get pissed if you do not find this option on your profile, as this option will be visible only if the sender of the scrap is currently online šŸ™‚

It has also come to light, from Orkut help group that, this feature was implemented on 1st of November šŸ˜‰


paranoid November 3, 2008

Nice Feature…..Sounds interesting..!!!!

Orkut is creating another replica of Facebook…isint it..??

Deepak November 4, 2008

Yea.. damn interesting things..
Now Orkut deserves a try by all facebook users šŸ˜‰

p@r@noid November 4, 2008

But People are becoming smart, Instead of waiting for orkut to Introduce all this features…They are shifting to facebook..!!

I think Rahul Should Add Something For Facebook, As many People Are now Switching to facebook…And the growth Rate of Facebook si more then Orkut..!!!

And above all It will be Something very new..which no blogger has ever done..!!!

Deepak Jain November 4, 2008

Yea. But I don’t think Rahul can spare time for these works any more šŸ™

juhi sharma November 17, 2008

ya i realy enjoyed orkut, but one thingi noticed here that
if we upload our pic in display pic,it will be save by others,
so its misuse of it so, kidly do needful ,
same things happing in album also,

Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

@juhi sharma
You should never upload personal pics on social networks like orkut, facebook, etc.
Use flickr, picasa for such photo sharing