New in Gmail Labs: Send & Archive

gmail-logo1 Yesterday I was wondering about the launch of any new features in Gmail and other Google products. Since long time, Gmail did not come up with any new features. But this morning when I started reading my feeds, I saw a feed item explaining about the launch of a new labs service “Send & Archive”.

send and archive

You can clearly see on the image above on what’s the concept behind this new feature “Send & Archive” is. Soon after replying to any mails, most of the Gmail users have a habit of archiving mails instead of deleting them. As such, this new button (as seen on the image) will help you to archive mails as soon you reply to them. All you need to do is use ‘Send & Archive’ button instead of just ‘Send’.

To activate this feature, go to Settings->Labs->Send & Archive and enable it.

(Via Lifehacker)