Backup your Orkut Scraps using Scrap Backupmate

Guess what? You want to view all your scraps right from the day you created your Orkut account, or you just want to review all your scraps. Do you think this is possible? If you have a lots of scraps, say 5000 then to view the first scrap will you keeping turning pages of your scrap book till the last page? Not possible, right? But using Orkutplus’ new tool – Scrap backupmate all such things is really possible. 🙂 All you need to do is visit the tool page, provide your Orkut login and you are done. All the scraps can now be seen on one single HTML page.

To test its effectiveness,  I tried using it myself first, using my own Orkut login. All I can say is, the tool is simply awesome!! My scrapbook contains about 3000 scraps which was being loaded into single html page in less than 4 minutes. Well, instead of just viewing your previous scraps, this tool has some other usefulness too. Say, you can even store all the scraps locally just by pressing Save (Ctrl+S) which you can later view as a web page. Infact, this tool was created to backup your scraps but I’ll rather use it to view my past conversations with people.. 😉 Let us know how you will utilize the efforts of Gaurav in creating this awesome tool?

Links: Official Release (English, Portuguese) | Tool (English, Portuguese)