New iPod Nano brings music at your fingertips with multi-touch

Apple has always been known for its awesomeness. Everything that Apple designs can be called clean, simple and intuitive. iPod started getting Apple out of its rut almost a decade ago. The new iPod Nano seems to show that Apple has not forgotten the iPod brand in the era of iPhone and iPad.

iPod Nano is 1.61 inches wide with 1.51 inches of it being a multi-touch screen. It’s almost 1/3rd of an inch when it comes to the depth of the device. This tiny iPod Nano has been redesigned completely and that probably has given it a new lease of life.

iPod Nano Features

  • It comes in 6 different colors. Will also have 24 hr playback battery life.
  • New iPod Nano will have multi-touch screen to basically browse music files and photos.
  • It will support storing photos, play mp3 music and also support FM Radio.
  • The storage space on this iPod device will be 8 GB.

Here is an advertisement video for the new Apple iPod Nano.

Are you impressed with the new redesigned iPod Nano? I like the idea of an ultra small device which has multi-touch. Do drop in your comments and views on the new iPod Nano.

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