Today Apple’s iPod turns 10 [Video]

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, it was a company whose computers were over-priced and it was having serious challenges in the computer making business. Apple today is synonymous with the term ‘Post PC Era’ simply because they have moved away from the being computer makers towards making gadgets like iPod, iPhone and iPad tablets. […]

New iPod Nano brings music at your fingertips with multi-touch

Apple has always been known for its awesomeness. Everything that Apple designs can be called clean, simple and intuitive. iPod started getting Apple out of its rut almost a decade ago. The new iPod Nano seems to show that Apple has not forgotten the iPod brand in the era of iPhone and iPad. iPod Nano […]

Education savings for you on apple products [For India]

If you are a student, teacher or related to the education line by any means(check eligibility criteria below) and wants to buy any product from Apple like laptop, macbook, imac, macpro or just an accessory then this is the right time for you cuz Apple is giving a special discount on it’s products.Kindly read the eligibility criteria carefully…

How to Copy Music and Videos from your iPhone to your Computer

Most of us might be using an iPod or even an iPhone to carry our favorite music collection everywhere. Usually I load my iPod with all the latest music releases which I’m able to collect from my friends and relatives computer. But the problem comes when we want to copy those songs from the Apple device [ipod/iphone] onto our computer. iTunes simply doesn’t allow you to do this. So how do you copy your favorite music from your iphone to computer.

India’s Timeless Classics “Amar Chitra Katha” now on iPhones

iRemedi’s Ether Media brings India’s timeless classics Amar Chitra Katha Comics to the iPhones and iPod Touches worldwide. Now you could read your favorite epics and mythological stories from Amar Chitra Katha on your iPhone, bringing your fond childhood memories back once again!