New Privacy Settings for Facebook are Out

Yesterday I shared with you about the new Privacy setting of Facebook in order to make our Facebook more secure. I am glad to share with you that finally you can edit your privacy setting in your Facebook profile.

I am happy that these simple controls setting rolled out soon and now we can be more secure on Facebook. Here are the new settings which are provided by Facebook.

Privacy Settings

Here are the steps to change the settings:

  • Go to your Facebook home page, click on “ Account” and then “ Privacy Settings”.
  • Privacy SettingsHere are the settings which you can edit to make your Facebook profile more private. It includes 4 major settings :

Share on Facebook, this will help you to give control on who can see your shared the information and content like status updates, images etc.

Basic directory information, By default your profile information like gender, name, place is visible to others so that they can search your easily on Facebook.

Applications and websites, with this control you can easily choose whether you want to share your information with third party application or not.

Block List, This control will help you to block people from interacting with you or seeing your information on Facebook.

Privacy Settings 1

There are few additional features also like recommended settings, control each time you post, control for what you are tagged and many more. It will hardly take few seconds to change your settings and I would recommend everyone to change the settings as soon as possible.

There are many critics who are not happy with the new privacy settings. Do share with us, What’s your insight for these privacy settings, are they enough for maintaining privacy?