Best privacy settings for your New Facebook profile

After the launch of Facebook subscription button and Profile review option, Facebook completely changed its privacy settings again. And as expected these features are so complicated for a normal user. Also some of the privacy features are not given under privacy settings link. You have to edit your profile to change your content’s visibility. But […]

Why There Should be Only One Admin for Your Facebook Page

Facebook pages, a good way to interact with people who like your business, work or anything in common like an artist or a place. Most of the people have their pages as well on Facebook along with their profile. Some pages are with smaller number of fans but some are huge enough that people add […]

Best privacy settings for your Facebook profile, a social networking website which is well-known for its awesome privacy features. But still most of the Facebook users are either using recommended privacy settings (which sucks I must say) or they hardly care about them. But let me tell you one thing that safety is first when you use any websites online specially […]