Guess the correct logo online game for brand geeks

Logos are something that really makes a company or service instantly identifiable. For instance a “t” symbol of Twitter on a webpage is enough for anyone to guess it leads to a link to a Twitter profile. An image is probably the most easily recognized by anyone. That is the reason bloggers will have the same display pic in the Gravtaar, Facebook and Twitter profile.

Here is a online guessing game which you can play to see if you really identify popular logos correctly.

  • The game is simple. There are 6 images to choose from and each is very similar to the other except one is the correct one.
  • A counter checks the time it takes for someone to choose the correct image. Two seconds are added for every wrong answer.
  • The twist in this website is it checks how well we remember logos of famous brands like Google and Yahoo. A small difference in color or styling is sometimes almost impossible to notice or sort out.

Users are also allowed to submit their URL logo to the website to be introduced on the website as a feature. Considering millions of people visit this website to check their brand knowledge it would also mean a great deal of exposure for a new brand logo. At least it is cheaper than branding a whole acre of land for Google Earth. 😛

Do try out and let us know your score by dropping in your comments. 🙂

Link: Guess the Logo Website

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