newsflashr – Single-page aggregator to fast-track headline news!

newsflashr LogoFew days back we wrote about popurls – a single page aggregator to track what’s happening in the world.

Today we are reviewing newsflashr, a newly launched single page aggregator with much more options.

As explained by its founder Gal Arav,

The advantage newsflashr offers when compared to other automated aggregators, such as Google News, is that by extracting popular keywords from the news headlines at all the top news sources, our system makes it transparently obvious to the user why certain news topics are being given more attention than others.

What immediately catches eyes is top navigation menu to switch between 8 different categories – world, business, elections, technology, science, health, showbiz, sports. So you can choose to read only what interests to you!

Those who prefer to navigate sites using tags, a “hot news topic cloud” is displayed in right side in each category.

Other options includes…

  • option to sort headlines by time (freshness) or alexa rank (authority)
  • option to adjust topic freshness
  • aesthetic options like changing background color, font-size, etc

With so many options to customize, newsflashr seems promising. We wish good luck to Gal’s newsflashr! 🙂

Link: newsflashr


Gal, founder of March 31, 2008

Thanks Rahul — just added the Hindustan Times to our world category at your suggestion, regards, Gal

Rahul Bansal March 31, 2008

Your welcome buddy… 🙂
Welcome To Devils Workshop… 😉