Showing Adsense Banner Ads in Blogspot Blogs [Blogging Tips]

One of our reader Deepak Jain wants to add Adsense banner ads in his blogspot blog.

While its simple to add any HTML/Javascript code in blogspot blogs using HTML/Javascript new element, option to add such element is by default disabled in header menu.

The problem can be easily seen in following two screenshots which are taken from Layout >> Page Element panel…

A. Default  Options..

blogspot blog without add a page element option in header

B. After Enabling "Add a Page Element" Option…

blogspot blog with add a page element option in header

Once Add a Page Element option comes there, you can edit blogs header as simply as editing sidebar. Putting Google Adsense ads in header won’t be any different than doing same in sidebar!

# Steps to Enable Add a Page Element Option…

1. Go to Layout >> Edit HTML Option

2. Search following codes in Edit Template box…

    <div id='header-wrapper'>
      <b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'>

3. Make following two changes

  • Change maxwidgets=’1′ to maxwidgets=’2′  or any number greater than 1.
  • Change showaddelement=’no’ to showaddelement=’yes’.

4. Click on Save Template!

That it! Just go back to Page Elements tab and you will see Add a Page Element Option there! 🙂

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imyideas November 20, 2009

Hey thanks for your info. But I want to know how these ads can be put in side of with in the header itself. I want to put adsense ad on my blog for central govt employees news .
The ads should appear on the right side of header not on above the header. plz tell me the solution.

imyideas December 18, 2009

Thanks for your help !! But how can i add widget inside the blog header? not above or below the header ?? Thanks !!

Jack January 19, 2010

tips are useful but it is in the design sense if you can provide the information. How to apply the ad sense so it become more beneficial for the users.

haroon bahi April 4, 2010

I have posted many articles from free article web site to our blog( i mean direct copy article with title and post to our blog?) i do same,but google delete my blog under spam. I used credits for the site source also.

jagan July 8, 2010

thanks for the information……!!!

Irfan July 31, 2011

Very useful info. Thanks for the trick man!