No More Access to Old Layout of Google Search

Few days back Google changed its old layout to make search more easy and user-friendly. But Google fans find some or other way out to use Old layout of Google, which we shared with you. You just need to use a link, to get the old layout of Google Search.

Link: Old Layout Link

But the people who used to prefer to use the old layout of Google Search, won’t able to access this link anymore to get old Google Layout. Many Google fans are disappointed with this step of Google but I guess Google want to maintain the uniformity.


No matter what Google is up to, but one is thing is sure that there might be some way to get the old layout of Google back may be some other URL, Extension or Add-on.

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If you are aware of any such tool to get the old layout of Google, do share with us. It might be useful for all the fans of Google who prefer to use Old Layout for Google Search.


Anshul Dixit May 24, 2010

That’s bad news for those who preferred the old layout. But there are greasemonkey scripts for firefox and extensions for chrome that can solve this problem. I wrote a post on DW about it @

Ruchi June 12, 2010

Agree with you Anshul and thx for the link :).