5 Reasons To Start A Blog Just Now

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I am not an authority blogger for the topics related blogging, money making, membership site or else but eager to share my experience here because of changes and development encouraging me I got In my last 70 days blogging.

According to technorati and alexa report we are in competition with the more that 5,66,000 new bloggers who are registering on the daily basis, more than 3,22,200 blogs who are active on the daily basis, more than 23,20,210 blog posts are getting posted regularly and last stat but not least and most competitive one that more than 10 bloggers are posting at the exact blog tittle on the day-to-day blogging schedule.

Now you should be aware about why to start a blog just now :-

Here are some of the observations during the practice of blogging and experiencing the day by day challenges and situations on the go, below is the list that will make you more aware of the practice and making it as a component of your hobbies that can give a lot and more than your imagination regards the hard work in network of peoples.

1. Personal development :- It is the most effective and effects every blogger without informing him or her. In my case I was weak in writing a post to let you understand but now after starting my weblog you can check and compare to the current posts to earlier ones, I was not well-known with the terms like entrepreneurship, business and personal development but now I am learning and learning for sharing with them who likes to be student.

2. Entrepreneurship :- Most of us are starting a blog for making some positive use of our leisure but slowly and slowly it turns in opportunity for our self to build a business or medium to gain new relations, name and fame automatically.

3. Blog for business :- In it the most popular in business owners to occupy their market online as a professional blogger and that’s why business blogs are increasing to explore their services and policies to current customers and to build new ones around the globe.

4. To help who needs :- Peoples have a great place for helping peoples around the world in any particular area which is well known to him or her have better dealing with the same situations ever. It’s like a book you can complete in smaller parts with the different combination of time period, and the peoples may get help by getting in contact by searching their need in search, directories and forums.

5. Entertain and become a star :- This point comes under personal branding and you may get the promotion of your talents in the peoples around the world using some promotional social media websites like facebook, twitter, and youtube will help to show you in demand and after some time your name will get mention as a web celebrity and will get invitations for being a real and live star in the public.

Over to you

I got published this post here only after getting 70 days learning as a blogger but you may be better in sharing your experiences and recommendations to the readers below in the comment section.


Rahul May 23, 2010

Nice research.. about blogs.

Swamykant May 24, 2010

I feel personal development & entrepreneurship is two great reasons for most probloggers

Riyas August 18, 2010

Nice post. Most domains we search are not available now. So it be good to start as early as possible. I got my domain http://www.freebie4india.in after trying alot since most domains in this field is already registered.