Now get full Orkut Scraps as SMS!

orkut-logo Its not more than a couple of days ago that I posted about how to get Scrap alerts on mobile. But many users were disappointed because using this trick they get SMS only with the name of the scrap sender and not the full scrap messages. 🙁

But you need not worry anymore. After working hard and contacting with the guys at Google, I found another trick using which you can get full messages of a scrap on your mobile as a SMS (of course it must be less than 150 Characters and not html contents).  🙂
For this, you just need to add “#both” at the end of the feed URL that you use in your SMS Channel.
If you have not yet used this trick, then you may visit this page for complete step by step instructions.

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10 replies on “Now get full Orkut Scraps as SMS!”

  1. I read your previous post about getting SMS and really thanked you a lot. When I just went through some other channels, I found many channels appending #both at the feed end. I too did that and started getting the full message in the mobile!!

    I am still disappointed that the mesage gets delayed by 2-3 hours… hope you can solve it…

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