Now Log In on Facebook with your Username

Yes the heading clears it all, you can now loging to your facebook account just by entering your username in place of your e-mail address. The best thing about this feature is that it is not only for web browsers but also for from your mobile and any website that suports facebook connect.

Let us clear you one thing that you can use your user name in place of your e-mail, it’s not your name. Top find your username you can go to,

Settings >> Account Settings

or simply use this link. You can find your username there.

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Please remember that is is an additional feature, you can also use your e-mail to log in as we do usually. Below are the two screen shot for logging in using your username. Note that we are entering our username in the space which is given for e-mail.

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SOURCE: facebook official blog


cena September 27, 2009

Yes!! When FB introduced the username funda, I was happy thinking that now i wont have to put in my email as i takes longer [a few more character but still :)] bur this did not happen then. Now that its has thanks to Facebooknol for the info!!

Sauravjit October 11, 2010

Your Welcome!! 🙂

sauravjit September 27, 2009

Your Welcome 🙂