NowRelevant – Better time relevant search results compared to Google

When I am searching for something, I use Google. I do not need to really go on about Google search, but one place it lacks a little is showing relevant search results from a perspective of time. NowRelevant search results is a search engine which shows relevant results from the past 2 weeks.

NowRelevant Search Features

  • When you enter a keyword for search results, the results are given from only links to content from only the past 2 weeks.
  • We can further tweak the number of days we want the search results to be relevant.
  • Relevant results are very useful if you are searching for something dated and especially if you are looking to read about something which is current.

Where NowRelevants scores over Google!

Google is where the big bucks are for all SEO experts. This means that a lot of people spend a lot of time making their content rank high on Google. In NowRelevant search as the results are relevant upto only 2 weeks, it makes a good resource to look up some content that is current and not just ranked high. Also content farms will not really bother trying to list on a service which only looks up only content created over 14 days. ūüėČ

A video by Internet Time Machine makes a nice comparison between Google and NowRelevant.

Do try out NowRelevant and let me know your views and opinions through your comments.

Link: NowRelevant


Nhoel February 24, 2011

a big NO, google has this feature. it has an option of:
Past 24 hours
Past week
Past 3 weeks
Past month
Past year

see? it’s better.

Aditya Kane February 24, 2011

Yes I have seen that feature on Google Search.. The point is NowRelevant is left alone by spammers and content farms because of the two week limit. This leads to a lot less spam. Ofcourse if you truly want to search deeply, I would still recommend Google.

sivateja February 25, 2011

it will never beats google….!!!!