Use Official Desktop Messenger from Facebook for Windows!

I like staying logged into Facebook on one tab of my browser, so I can chat with my friends on it. Thanks to the option of disallowing people from certain lists to see you online, it is perfect ( thought chatting service itself is far from perfect on Facebook) . Facebook has released a new messenger for windows platform, that allows users to be logged in and chat with friends from the desktop itself.


  • The messenger is not very different from the one on the browser. As a matter of fact to use the messenger, I had to login first from the browser on to Facebook.
  • It can also be docked on the right-hand side on your desktop, just like the browser version is docked.
  • I have used Digsby to chat with friends from Facebook but if you want Facebook like chat on desktop this one is better.
  • I found the new ticker being present in then messenger a little annoying. It is one reason I prefer to use 3rd party messengers instead of the browser. I wish future updates allow turning off the news ticker on the messenger.

Download Facebook Messenger

You can read about the messenger here. It does not seem to have an official landing page but the direct download link is below.

The version number has not be declared by Facebook for some reason. Do try it out and drop in your comments.

Link: Facebook Messenger

One Comment

Ashish December 31, 2011

Thanks, i already have tried this, but currently its not worth. hoping to see a major update in the next version.