Ommwriter Dana – The Simplest Writing App for Windows

I use Windows Live Writer for blogging and for normal writing I basically use Notepad or Word. These apps are fully featured with no space left for inspiration, you actually get distracted due to too many features and UI.
Ommwriter Dana is one of the simplest writing apps available for Windows. It is something you haven’t experienced before.

Ommwriter Dana for Windows

  • Ommwriter is developed with two things in mind, one is focus and the another one is inspiration.
  • The interface is extremely simple, it basically runs in full screen mode with a drag-able text editor.
  • You don’t get bored while writing on Ommwriter, as there’s a slow pleasant background music playing, currently there are 3 sound tracks in it (each of them last for 15 minutes).
  • The background is customizable too, with 3 background patterns available.
  • Not at all feature rich, as I said it’s developed to be simple and it is.

For better concentration and focus you can put on head phones. Ommwriter is a must have for writers, bloggers, poets and everyone who has a brain which can think.

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Link: Ommwriter