Online Tool to Quickly Create Terms of Service for Your Website

Creating websites on WordPress and having your personal domain is get a lot more easier than before. But most users are not aware of creating a ‘Terms of Service’ policies. That is because we are not lawyers. TermsFeed is a online tool to create Terms of Services for your website within seconds.

Online Tool to Create Terms of Service

TermsFeeds Features

Just visit and fill in the relevant details. The details are usually the name, address of your website along with the name of your company and country of residence.

A stock terms of service text is created. It is also prepared in HTML, so users can simple copy and paste it on their website.

If you like to check more automated TOS generators check of this list.

The stock text is good for blogs or basic personal websites. If you are carrying out other services which support e-commerce transactions, it is better to get TOS drawn up by a professional.

Try out TermsFeed and drop in your comments.

Link: TermsFeed


Gokul Sukumar July 30, 2012

Nice post! Thanks.

Himadri July 31, 2012

Informative post.I was looking for this information and got it right here.Thanks!

Ryan Hoody August 26, 2012

Terms of service are such a controversial topic right now. I believe some legislation was just introduced to try and get companies to list key points and a brief summary at the top of their terms of use. There is even a program that rates companies on their terms of use, showing red flag popups on anything that could potentially harm the user’s privacy. Does this tool allow you to create a summary? Or does it follow a set, generic layout?

Thanks for the post,


Aditya Kane August 27, 2012

@Ryan: The TOS web app, follows a generic layout with some customization. It does allow for customization, in the sense it allows HTML code generated which can be tweaked with a brief summary or key points.