Online tool to keep track of your mentions on Facebook/Twitter

If your company has a social presence on the web, you must be getting a lot of mentions online, from a lot of sites including Twitter/Facebook etc. Tracking and responding to all those comments can be overwhelming. Sure, you can use Google Alerts(even on a feed reader), but all you get is Google results which doesn’t get updated in real-time.

Mention is a new app (available on almost every platform) which tries to solve this.

Mention app

To get started, you got to download the app or just use the web version. The app with a neat iOS-inspired interface asks you to setup your alert, you can also add aliases to the main keyword. Mention will look for your keyword in lot of sites – including Facebook, Twitter, News, Blogs, Images and more.

The app is pretty fast in fetching new mentions of your keyword and also has anti-noise technology built in, to filter spam. If you’re using the Chrome app, you’ll be greeted with desktop notifications (or else E-mail notifications).

Each alert can be turned into a task, so that you can respond to the mention later – you can connect your social accounts to respond directly, or even invite your friends who are using the app. That way, this app can be great for team collaboration.

You get over 1000 mentions with the free account, which will get renewed every month. It does seem like worth paying for.

Mention is available as a free download for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web and also as a Chrome app. The iPhone app seem to be coming soon.

Link: Mention

[Update: You can get the iPhone app now, right from the iTunes Appstore.]