Optimize your website with Microsoft’s IIS SEO Toolkit


Now you could optimize your website for search using Microsoft’s newly launched Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit. The beta version of their Internet Information Services (IIS) SEO Toolkit has been released as part of the Microsoft Web Platform. It allows sites running on IIS to perform an in-depth SEO analysis of websites and identify and rectify any issues found.

The IIS SEO Toolkit is available for a free through the Microsoft Web Platform. The toolkit helps web developers, hosting providers, and web server administrators in increasing the number of visitors to their website by making the content on the site more search engine-friendly.

How will the toolkit help you?


It will:

  • Improve the volume and quality of traffic to your Web site from search engines
  • Control how search engines access and display Web content
  • Inform search engines about locations that are available for indexing

Download & Install

The toolkit can be installed using the recently launched Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

It comes with tools for:

  1. Creating and managing robots.txt and sitemap.xml files
  2. Analyzing website content for problems with SEO, accessibility and performance.

Click here to install the IIS SEO Toolkit for Free.

Link: IIS SEO Toolkit