Bing ad picks on Google for the collapse of the US economy

clip_image003Microsoft Bing’s bling advertising kicked off yesterday playing “emotional” and blaming the futile online searching for the collapse of the US economy. The ad implied that the US was so lost and confused in fruitless online search results and links that they failed the notice that the economic system was collapsing.

Of course, the ad did not directly name Google. It didn’t even have to! 😛

According to the advertisement:

“While everyone was searching, there was bailing. While everyone was lost in the links, there was collapsing. We don’t need queries and keywords if they bring back questions and confusion. From this moment on, search overload is officially over…


Starting today, we need the right information to make the right decisions… Decisions that make us feel right, decisions that help us get to the right place, at the right time, even when it’s right around the corner. And we need to make decisions about what the right stuff is…!”

The blame game might sound a little excessive, but I somehow enjoyed watching the commercial!

Microsoft will be spending some $100 million on worldwide ad campaigning to promote Bing! This ad came out as the first from their campaigning budget.

Microsoft’s advertising strategy ahead:


As per Microsoft’s ad campaign strategy:

  1. The first couple of weeks will only see lighthearted TV ads focusing on the challenges of online search in today’s world.
  2. An online ad push also starts next week where Bing ads will be on the front of
  3. In the second phase, Bing ads will showcase more dramatized versions of what it would be like if people had to talk to their friends and partners the way they do to a search engine. The ads would show how they get back responses that have the same words as their question, but nothing at all to do with what they asked.
  4. Starting next month, there will be more of product-specific TV ads. For instance, focusing on areas such as Bing’s travel search.
  5. Some Bing promotional activities will also take place on Facebook and Twitter in the days to come, which will also include a photo contest. The community will be asked to choose a winning photo that will become the backdrop for Bing Homepage for a particular day.

The market so far has been reacting well to newly launched Bing. Do you think advertising can further boost Bing’s popularity over Google?

Watch the Bing TV commercial here!

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