WP DBManager Plugin for WordPress Database Backup


Database is the real wealth for any blogger and hence WP-DBManager is a very important plugin for all the WordPress bloggers. It takes backup of all the database content like posts, categories, tags, comments, users, pages and other content of WordPress blog. This plugin allows not just to take back-up but also to optimize, repair, restore, delete and run queries from WordPress admin section.
With this plugin’s options we can also schedule database backup. It will store database backup into backup-db folder on your server  or you can also manage settings which will send database back up file to your specified email account.

Plugin Setup:

  • Go to the Wp-DBManager plugin page and click on Download. WordPress Beginners can refer to our guide on How to Install WordPress plugins.
  • After installing the plugin, click on Activate Plugin in the plugin menu.
  • After activating the plugin, you will get a message as shown in the screen shot below. Now simply move the ‘htaccess.txt’ file from WP-DBManage folder to backup-db folder. Error message will fade away. 🙂
  • Click on Database menu for all the options for this plugin. It will give you number of sub-menus to setup plugin setting. Click on the ‘DB Options’ menu and make the changes in settings as per your need.
  • Then go into Backup DB menu and take a backup of your WordPress database. All the database files will be stored into your WordPress hosting server under the folder /wp-content/backup-db.
  • You can also find backup files into WordPress admin panel under Manage DB Option menu. This menu will provide various options like restore, download, delete and email the database file.
  • You can find more about this plugin in WordPress plugin directory .

    So do share your experience after using this amazing plugin.  Comments awaited below. 🙂