Use Digsby to intergrate IM, Email and Social Networks accounts

I think a lot of our readers may have used Digsby or atleast read about it. It has been reviewed a couple of times in the past on Devils Workshop. I have recently started using Digsby and I am hooked on to it. It has a simple, clean and easy to use user-interface along with a lot of really neat features.

Overview of Digsby

  • For readers who may not be aware of Digsby it is a desktop application which allows you to manage multiple Instant Messenger, Email and Social Networking accounts at one place. Previously when we reviewed the software it did not have support of Mac or Linux Operating System but now it is available on both. 🙂
  • It does force you to create a Digsby account and this is where it is different from other desktop applications as the accounts you manage from with Digsby are stored on a server and hence available on different computers.
  • I downloaded and tried a few things with it. Digsby has integrated Facebook Chat into its software which is very useful. This means I do not need to keep a browser window open to chat with my Facebook friends. 😉
  • It allowed me to keep a Gobal Status which is put up across all the accounts I have selected.

Below is a video from Digsby giving a view into its features and usability. Watch it and let me know what do you think about it through your comments.

Link: Digsby


p@r@noid November 14, 2009

Digsby is great specially if you have lots of IM and you want to manage them from one point.

akshay November 14, 2009

yes …i had read ur review earlier too…..and after that had started using digsby…….its a gr8 application for users who have multiple im accounts.

i have used trillian and meebo also but found using digsby way better than them…..

Dnyanesh Mankar November 15, 2009

I have been using Digsby for over two years. It’s growing better and better day by day. I recommend everyone to use it.