Orkut Allows 10000 Photo Uploads in Albums

orkut photo upload limit is changed to 10000-1.jpg

After edit-all-photos at once and reorder photos using drag-n-drop features, one thing seriously needed on orkut was ability to upload unlimited photos.

Looks like orkut understood our need and now change the photo upload limit to 10000 photos as shown in above screenshot. Still per album limit is set to 100 photos but as of now there is no official limit on number of albums a user can create.

Well 10000 limit is not bad and I wonder if anyone will hit the limit naturally. Still unlimited photo upload option would have been much better. It will not make much difference technically, as very few users will ever consider to upload more than 10000 photos anyway. But its effect will be different as having no limit always make user feel better than having a very very large limit!

Another thing on album front orkut could improve is true and complete integration between orkut albums and picasa albums. Hope to see that soon in action as managing photos at two different places is really pain.

Finally if you are wondering on how to upload photos in bulk, you can use another orkut feature described here.

(via Orkut Blog)

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minii June 7, 2008

hey rahul.. i m nt able to post any scrap frm past 3 dayz… as it is showing error “javascript void”…
i havnt used any scripts like dat of flodder or anything…
bt still donno y it isnt working 🙁

evn in customs level..my scripting is ‘enabled’

can u plz help…

Rahul Bansal June 8, 2008

Did you click on some links like view locked album, check this profile, etc?
Or did you copy-paste some code in your browsers address bar?

Also try using safe browsers like firefox.

Nitin Sharma July 28, 2009

hey rahul please tell me the solution of this
because i am also suffering from this problem for last 2 days

they shows the error of “java script”

is there any way to re-enable them
please rahul i am sick of this>>>><<<<<

sharad gaikwad September 12, 2009


i can,t create more than 98 albums, i hv added 9800 photos is ma album but in ma profile , ma photos count shows 9791

how can i add my more photos???

satish October 16, 2009

how can i make a crative album..
how can i arrange more than one photos in one page in digital album